Q: 1633sX

hi experts :slight_smile: ,

  1. i wanna buy an external 1213sX burner and flash it to a 1633s(X) /usb 2.0 drive.
    are there any special flashing troubles known or is there NO difference to the internal s version?

  2. do YOU think, there will be a possibility to increase the burn speed for DL media (in the future,
    when the media gets cheaper) for this drive (with good burn results) ?

thx in advance :bow: :bigsmile:

1/ No difference between S and SX.
2/ Maybe.

Don’t plan on getting 12x or 16x burns from a USB2 drive. The odds are about 50/50 that 8x will be your max speed, depending on your USB controller.

thx for the fast answers.

but even 8x +R is ok with me. higher DL speed will be more important for my “future-burnings”.

another short question:
do you think the RW writing speed will increase to 8x in the near future or not ?

regards, willi :smiley: