Pyle backup cameramwires


Anyone know where I can get the monitor wire for a Pyle backup camera?


I think the monitor wire is just a standard composite video connection.

If you have something that outputs composite video (e.g. DVD player), try connecting this to the camera display’s monitor input with an RCA / phono cable like the following:


I had better images but these are what I need.

There is a wire that connects to the monitor wire, to distribute the signals.

I didn’t want to cut up the plug for the monitor and the pigtail.I can get one from Pyle but they’re $22.

Really surprised me, thanks for responding.


You’ll need to find out what connectors are used on each end and whether or not they’re standard wirings.

If they’re not you’ll either have to buy what you need and make it up yourself, or pay someone to make a custom cable.

TBH $22 isn’t astronomically dear so if it were me buying it I’d be inclined to think it’s worth it just to save all the hassle and get a purpose built cable that’s guaranteed to work.


You’re a wondr1eful human being just to talk to me. [disabled} Just hard bto get information

Thanks, mI think I’ll just order ti. A guy sent me a lead for a broken one, all wires, thenn wanted &15 shipping. LOL.Hey man thanksnforb all/.


My pleasure. :thumbsup:

I mightn’t know much about cables but I’m an expert in hassle! :smile:


I’ll send you the stuff. LOL I have a problem with my fingers and hands.It’s an age thing. No kidding, if you think you can connect it, id pay of course.

Just dawned on me your fee would certainly exceed the cost of the part. Duuuuh


Well at least you reached the same conclusion that I did. :slight_smile:

It’s just not worth the hassle IMHO so I think you’re doing the right thing.


Just for grins here’s the part in red’


Money well spent, as that looks complicated.

Have you got it all up and running now?


Had to put that project on hold. Got my Explorer stuck in the middle of nowhere, spent 2 days trying to hand dig it out. Nevada desert, no less. Gonna rest a while.


No. Pyle wants $25 for it. So I’m looking for one someone is parting out.