PXScan in the news



Just a quick compilation of web sites coverage of PXScan/PXView

CDR-Zone now using PXScan for reviews:


Dispute coverage/Forum threads:

http://www.hup.hu/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=8889 (Hungarian site)
http://www.internet-magazin.de/common/nws/einemeldung.php?id=38379 (German)
http://www.pc-magazin.de/common/nws/drucken.php?id=38379 (German)
http://www.itnews.sk/buxus_dev/generate_page.php?page_id=922411 (Slovak, I think)

(much credit for the above goes to cvs, JeanLuc, and nsk of Wikinerds. I wouldn’t be contacting Plextor anytime soon if I were you guys … hmmm, thanks to the open letter, I guess I better not either!)


http://scr3.golem.de/?d=0506/pxscan&a=38379&s=1 (German)
http://homepage2.nifty.com/yss/pxscan/pxscan.htm (Japanese)


They should have started to use it earlier…


thats the stuff mate…that show them the king is dying if they don’t save their own ass…thats ahrr…

well i think Plextor is just acting as the king …so Where is the Queen?..that show the plextor as the community that Just the Scan software for Free is this Hard to understand?? …stupid Jap company with the idolt look on his face when they see the affect… that they try to stop pxscan development…haha :smiley:


They should have known the consequences of their actions! Shame on Plextor!


Google Search for PXscan shows: Results 1 - 10 of about 14,600 for PxScan. (0.21 seconds. Lots of it about the dispute. Definitely getting publicity. How can Plextor ignore this?


Don’t forget that there is also some scanner driver for linux called “pxscan”. It was too late when i realized that…


OK this is a search for Plextor PxScan: Results 1 - 10 of about 5,280 for Plextor PxScan. (0.18 seconds

Search for Alexnoe PxScan: Results 1 - 10 of about 918 for Alexnoe PxScan. (0.10 seconds)
Your Famous now you just need the fortune.:bigsmile: My point is I don’t see how Plextor can take the negative publicity and not responed.


And just to ‘complete’ the picture:

A search for pxlinux gives: Results 1 - 10 of about 47,000 for pxlinux. (0.82 seconds) :bigsmile:

And yes, many of them are about pLEXTOR’s “fame and good fortune” :bigsmile: They must really love it … the news is now virtually all over the place and in many languages too :bigsmile:

Few more Googled places:


Well, pLEXTOR you really did it! :rolleyes: Perhaps it is finally the time for an official reaction?


Many people wouldn’t have bought or considered Plextor PX-716/712 but for PxScan/PxView/PxLinux. I myself felt good to see the soft-looking interface of Alexnoe’s utilities. Sorry to say for Plextor, but PlexTools is a lot more difficult for many to use than CD Speed and K’s Probe when the latter two are available for nothing and PlexTools isn’t (even for non-XL versions, it’s easy to imagine the cost of PlexTools integrated into Plextor drive products.)


I actually just started using PxScan instead of Plextools Pro because of this situation and I love it!! One touch scanning. Don’t leave your system on one hour Stby like I did.:o This is just my opinion but I am sure Plextor would love implement the same one touch scan all, but would probably cross some legal line as Alexnoe’s PxScan does this already. If I were the CEO of Plextor I would have done things a little different. Like instead of the E mail Alexnoe and Zeb received I would have said Gee you two have developed a really great scan utility and we would like to integrate some of the features of your tools into our Plextools, can we offer you a job (you two are smarter than the software writers I have now) or offer to buy the rights to these programs from you. I am not Alex or zeb but an e mail like this would be a better way to start off than a C and D order. If you are like me Shoot first ask questions later, my response to that C&D order would have been “It’s for sale at the right price!!” and if that happened I am sure most of us a CDF would understand, better for both parties. Just my own opinion.:wink:


Actually Plextools XL 3.02 has the similar option to one touch scanning, although it is only good for a new disk created by plextools write transfer rate test. We cannot use it for an old disk burn with other software (Nero CDSpeed for instance).

Also, I wanted to hear alex/zeb opinion if using PxScan at this moment (with all this legal issue) will cause more trouble for them. Otherwise I will use NeroCDSpeed/BenQ to scan for posting here.


it’s quite nice to be able to leave things for 1.5 hours and come back to a fully scanned disc :wink:

just use it already zevia… :stuck_out_tongue:


Thx zevia. I didn’t know that Plextools XL 3.02 did a one touch scan. The Plot thickens!!


I sometimes prefer confrontation to compromise/cooperation (they sound a little differently and mean differently in the Korean language in the South Korean society) but Plextor could have chosen to work with Alexnoe. To me, it looked ironical that Alexnoe’s a former moderator of CDFreaks and Plextor has had a great community on CDFreaks. It is probably Samsung Electronics that spends most on marketing for PC optical drives but look at this:

Plextor DVD Burner (27 Viewing)
If you are the lucky owner of a Plextor DVD burner and have a problem, comment or suggestion then discuss Plextor DVD recording hardware on CD Freaks PXScan in the news
by crossg 3 Minutes Ago 3,083 34,551 G@M3FR3@K, code65536, jan70, OC-Freak, C0deKing

Samsung DVD Burner (1 Viewing)
If you are the lucky owner of a Samsung DVD burner and have a problem, comment or suggestion then discuss Samsung DVD recording hardware on CD Freaks Samsung TS-H552C (SH-W162C)
by Kenshin 1 Hour Ago 37 566 code65536, jan70, OC-Freak, C0deKing


well i think Plextor is finish lo…Watch out for NEC/BENQ…

if i don’t see any sort of improvement on their side i will sugget the plextor owner keep using pxscan for ever…

but in mean time i will stick to my trusty Benq 1620+Cdspedd…Or LiteON 1693s+Kprobe 2 LO


Also, I wanted to hear alex/zeb opinion if using PxScan at this moment (with all this legal issue) will cause more trouble for them.
Have you seen Charmed - Episode 7x22? -> That won’t be necessary…


And we will continue to do so ! - not because of Plextors letter but because PxScan is so much easier to use fullstop and support for the software is quicker than with Plextors own in my experience. ( I had one issue and an email to Alexnoe fixed it in 15 mins! ). The decision to use PxScan had been made by myself 4 weeks before Alexnoe recieved his letter. I am happy though that many websites feel the same way about how useful this software is to Plextor owners.

Only just got the Plex working after 2 rmas otherwise it would of been used sooner ( plus over 6 weeks of testing pxscan:P ) but we have used it in other reviews since. :slight_smile: