PxScan 1.7 won't scan, but 1.67 does?




I have some kind of a weird problem with the latest version of PxScan. It just won’t scan and simply hangs while it is “looking for drives” (closing the cmd window will cause PxScan.exe in remaining in the taskmanager and will finally end up in preventing my Windows from a manual reboot/shutdown - I need to power down to shutdown XP :a ), while v1.67 works without a single problem. And this occurs with every *.bat that was issued with the archive of v1.7.

My setup:

Windows XP + all updates and latest drivers and so on.
1st drive: Plextor PX-130A FW 1.02
2nd drive: Plextor 716a FW 1.08
3rd drive: Plextor Premium FW 1.06
4th drive: NEC 3500 FW 2.TG

  • 10 virtual drives (latest A120%) :eek:

ASPI (4.6 and 4.71 show the same behavior) is properly installed and in a good working condition. I tried almost everything to workaround the problem (yes, I checked the troubleshooting instructions - copying WNAspi32.dll, adjusting drive-numbers yadayada - on the homepage and in the ReadMe), but unfortunately nothing has helped and I am still stuck.

Any Ideas?

Thanks. :bow:


The only thing I’ve changed is that 1.7 requests the drive serial number of all drives while scanning for drives (so that a drive can be identified using serial instead of drivenbr), so maybe your alcohol drives don’t respond properly to that command :frowning:

Try disabling the alcohol drives. Also, send me an email with a valid reply address, so that I can send you test versions to see if I found the problem.

It is unfortunately pretty normal that, if a drive hangs while being accessed via aspi, you have to remove the drive (e.g. by switching off the usb enclosure) or use the reset button.


Yes, use PlexTools! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

Seriously though, the only person who can probably answer your question is alexnoe, he’s the author of the software.


Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the A120% drives have most likely nothing to do with it. I just disabled them and it didn’t help.

I sent you a PM for the latter.

:clap: :bow: :flower:

What a great idea, let me think about it…

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What happens if you don’t run any test, but just run it with
pxscan drivenbr=20

Does that also hang?


Unfortunately, yes. :sad: :wink:


OK, so the problem is definitely in the drive detection

I sent you a PM for the latter.
Haven’t received any




Result: His system crashes when reading all the drive serial numbers… as this does not seem to happen with all drives (otherwise, it could not work), one of the drives crashes the system when trying to read its serial number. I’ve seen a bunch of silly firmware-, chipset- and driverb0rks, but this is the funniest one :slight_smile:


1st drive: Plextor PX-130A FW 1.02
If this is the first drive installed in the system, it could be the one crashing when trying to obtain its serial number :slight_smile:


Yes, it is. As I have mentioned in the e-mail, the serial# of this drive was obviously broken with the FW 1.02 update.

Shamus on you Plextor! Fix my PX-130A serial# or I’ll take one from a cracksite… :cop:


I forgot to thank you very much Alex for helping me out so quickly. :flower:
This one was the fastest built workaround ever! :bow: I just took a few minutes! :clap: :bow:

For anyone that has the same problem, you can find the workaround here.

Thanks again Alex!