I am looking for PXinfo (latest version should be v1.22)
All websites I checked referring to the ftp server of plextor.be which does not exist anymore.

Does anyone know where i can still get that program?

Found it - I should have searched for px-info. And then I can download from the Plextor.com homepage (version 1.24)
Took me all in all almost an hour to find this out :o

Maybe the next one searching for PXinfo will find this thread and then see where to find the download :wink:

Or maybe the links to Plextor software in our FAQ will magically start working again.

Oops, look at that :eek:. Now they do work ;). I’ll go through it and try to update as needed. Sorry, and thank you, BLERandJitter.

PX-Info Utility, PleXTools Professional XL, and PlexUtilities can be downloaded from HERE.

Px-info is always crashing on the computer on which i need it. On a second one (laptop) it works :frowning:

Did you try running the installer and program in compatibility mode?

there is no installer - only the exe. And I tried compatibility mode (XP SP3) already.
Both computer are running with W7 32bit - but something on the desktop is causing pxinfo crashing :frowning: