PXI image file conversion finally!

:wink: I struggled to find a way to convert a bunch of Plextor PXI image files to a standard ISO format. When my PC was upgraded to XP Plextor tools stopped working and there is no upgrade path. I tried ISObuster version 1.6 and it did not work, not sure why. It told me the file was blank, and I knew it wasn’t.

The answer is to download a trial version of UltraISO. www.ezbsystems.com Conversion was SIMPLE ! What a fantastic tool !

Install the program as “trial”, run the program to Tools, Convert, select the PXI file and the format you want to output, eg ISO, etc. Worked perfectly :bow:

Hope this saves some other people grief.


i already use ultraiso and its great.
now the question is…why did plextools stop working on xp? it works well here on XP Pro.download the latest version it should work…

UltraISO 7.0 Media Edition released

UltraISO 7.1 ME released