Does PxEngine500.exe compatible with our BTC drives? I downloaded and installed it at the recommendation of one of the PS2 sites I frequent. It installed 7 dll files in my windows/system directory.

I have a BTC 1004 v0350 and everytime I burn a PS2 game using DVD Decrypter the Buffer and Device Buffer stay at 99-100% the entire time, but after I loaded this PxEngine500 patch the first and second burns had the Buffer sit at 0% [I encountered this in the past very seldomly with older F/W revisions]. The first disc uncharacteristically loaded fast [Res Evil Outbreak] in the PS2 but there were continuous pauses in the gameplay [both audio and the video freezing]. The second [Tomb Raider: AOD] locked the computer up and froze the DVD Decrypter display at 17% complete but after comparing the filesize of the disc with the image they are exactly the same so the PC must have limped to completion. I had to CTRL+ALT+DEL the PC and when it came up the video was all dorked up so after rebooting another two times with the same result I removed those dll files from DOS and when it rebooted it seemed to be fine.

Anyone encounter this patch, anyone know much about it? After this happened I saw some references on the web to people using it with the LiteOn drives but I have not seen anything with BTC drives. Thanks.


#1. DVD Decrypter does not use the pxengine. The pxEngine (Prassi technology) is used with the RecordNow burning software.

*2. pxEngine500 is old. If you’re using RecordNow, you can get the newer pxEngine507 HERE