PXEngine update for 4120b?

title says it all, does it exist???

What for? It works perfectly with 507 engine in RNM 4.61DX!

Really? Hmmm… I’m using 4.5 / 507 and it doesn’t see it at all… ohhhh… wait… mine’s in a USB2 cabinet, possible problem??? I’ll up it 4.61 and see it it picks it up…

ok… installed 4.61 and it sees it ok… wonder if DL will work?

mea cupla… I’ll go stand in the corner now.

I’ve the same problem : RN 4.5 (px v507) can’t see my LG4120B burner either. :sad:
Where did you get the 4.5 -> 4.61 update ? :bow: :bow:


There is no upgrade path. 4.6DX was bundled with my aged Sony DRU500. Be aware that DL recording is not possible with 4.5 and 4.6DX!

Hmmm… good to know. Is that a limitation of the SOftware (4.5/4.6DX) or the PXEngine? Perhaps an upgrade will solve that problem?

Now when DL discs get cheap enough to experiement with…