PX8432T and high-speed CD-RW?



Was anyone successful in recording a high-speed (4-10X) CD-RW with a Plextor drive that does not originally support it?

The Plextor FAQ says there are “generational” differences, but does not exact what the differences are – let alone explain why newer CD-RW discs cannot be written using older hardware which uses much safer speed settings. The overall writing technology is apparently the same (phase change from amorphous to crystalline and back using 5mW/10mW laser). The dye type is detected to be the same for both old (1-4X) and new (4-10X) media. If I could get the drive to recognize the new media as old media, theoretically I could still record it.

Therefore, is anyone aware of any firmware hacks for PX8432 that would make the drive recognize high-speed media as regular?

At the very least, is anyone aware of programs that (using a new CD-RW drive) could rewrite the CD-RW area that contains the media info, so that these disks are recognized as regular CD-RW?

Side note: Theoretically, one should also be able to record CD-RW disks even in older drives that only support CD-R media, provided that the drive could recognize the media as CD-R, catch focus (which may be problematic due to lower reflectivity) and properly calibrate the recorder (10mW) laser power – which again may be problematic since CD-RW disks, AFAIR, have no designated PCA. (Of course, one will not be able to erase the CD-RW disk in a CD-R drive since this requires different laser type not present there.) Has anyone succeeded with this also?


plextor explained that the 1-4x discs are completely different in standard to the 4x-10x media released as HS because HS was only a pipe dream when the drive was released. Since the 8432 is not designed to meet the standard of the HS media, both in firmware and hardware, there is no hack or anything else to make it work with HS media


Do you know off hand a place to find a technical explanation somewhere that explains what exactly the differences are (I am still skeptical that they are that much different as to be completely incompatible)?