PX760A Question

Hello, I am new to your forum and not sure I am in the right place but I have a question about using a PX760A.
I have been trying to use a DVD+RW as a type of backup where I essentially use it as a drag and drop storage area, then switch to another DVD+RW disc and do the same thing. But when I go back to use these discs to add more files I get an error message telling me that I can’t add to the disc because it is full. Is it possible to add to these discs using drag and drop or windows xp applications with out having to use the Roxio Creator classic software that came with the drive? I hope I made sense and appreciate any tips.

Drag and drop software (packet writing software) is usually a bad thing. RW (ReWritable) is intended to make R (write once) usable multiple times. As long as you use RW like R (burning a compilation of data, erasing that whole compilation, burning a new compilation) you’re usually safe. RW is not inteded to be used as a removable harddrive style media (that’s what drag and drop/packet writing software tries to achieve). It only has a write/erase cycle of about 1000 times. By far not enough to sucessfully simulate a HD like performance. It’ll fail very quickly.

The problem is that packet writing does NOT mean you regain the space of an old version of a file by copying a new one to the disc (as would happen with a hard drive). The space used for the old version is gone until you wipe the disc and start from the beginning.

Thanks so much for the reply. I was afraid I was trying to do something it was not capable of doing. I guess I’ll have to rewrite the whole folder every time I wan’t to do the backup.