Px760a and layerjump recording?



just received 760a,checked dvdinfopro,and the drive is capable of layerjump recording?anyone knows what that means?


Google found:

Layer-jump recording (LJR) now provides multi-session burning of dual-layer DVD-R media. In other words, data can be added to a medium over several burning sessions, with the sessions appearing in the sequential order in which they were originally recorded. Both Nero and the burner manufacturer’s firmware previously only supported disc-at-once (DAO) mode meaning data could be written to a DVD-R only one time.

Unlike dual-layer recording, in which data is first written to one layer and then to the other, layer-jump recording alternates between both layers during the burning process, thereby evenly distributing the data between both layers. The written area of both layers expands evenly outwards with each burning session. This means adjacent layer areas always contain data, resulting in a reduction in background noise and better signal quality. This, in turn, leads to higher read compatibility even on DVD-ROM drives."


very interesting feature…too bad i’ll probably never buy -R DL media.


Also, I wonder how backward compatible DVD-R DLs are when being written in LayerJump Mode.

This, in turn, leads to higher read compatibility even on DVD-ROM drives.
I believe that when I see it …


Yeah, the theory tries to beat out the practice. Owwww.


thnx!Anyone tried it yet?
looks promising for video-playback…


It doesn’t work how one might expect / want it to.

When you jump layer, the LBA address is not continuous, so you’ll go from like LBA 100000 to LBA 300000 (where 200000 is the end of L0 and 400000 is end of L1).

Unless you specifically build an image to think files start at these odd addresses, it won’t work / play.

So basically, it’s useless from what I can see! They should have done the smart thing an let people move the layerbreak position - where the first LBA on L1 comes straight after the last on L0.


based on the description hwp posted, i would imagine this is meant primarily for data burning and not video.