PX760/A or PX800?

Hi there, after reading a bunch of posts, i’m not sure which to buy, the PX760/A or the PX800/A? and which works with Vista?



They both do. The PX-760A is a true Plextor and works with Plextools Pro LE (www.plextools.com), a free Vista compatible software package that is a burning suite and disc quality check application. The PX-800A is an OEM rebadge that works fine…just does not have all the bells and whistles of the 760A. It supports only the disc info and write/read transfer test features of PTP.

And the 760A will be a job to find also!!

so the general consensus is that people would rather get the px-760A?

Yup, and 760 has Autostrategy, don’t think 800 have that.

what’s autostrategy?

and this drive only has a 2mb buffer. is that bad?

Autostrategy is the capability of a drive learn the best speed and recording for a determinated media.
Every new drive has 2mb buffer, its more than enought since you have buffer underrun protection.

can PX-800A/SW-BL overburn? Probably not!

PMFJI, does the 800A support bitsetting?

Yes it does on +R, +RW and +R-DL

You have 2-760A’s. Have you recently received those?

Also the smoking monkey is here so i’m guessing the 800A is a NEC/Optiarc in disguise.

Thanks a lot!

You got me. :o
Actually the 800A is a rebadged Optiarc AD-7170A with an updated (bugfixed) bootcode.

Due to the updated bootcode, just flashing Optiarc firmwares won’t work. It probably won’t damage your drives and Binflash won’t prevent you from doing so, but bootcode and main firmware have to be compatible.

I like when you show up in places one would never think they would see you :cool:

Thanks for the info Liggy :slight_smile:

Be nice to see some Plextor f/w support from you and/or ala42 also :bow: but i know you guys are busy.

I have a 760A and the 2 CD Premiums in my sig hint hint :flower:

i got one PX-800A and don’t be satisfy !
It doesn’t work in my computer !
My motherboard is an ASUS P4B266-E, chipset 845D Intel.
When i plug into another computer, it works well.
Plextor and Asus don’t matter with it.
There is no firmware update available and no more bios software for my motherboard (2003 year).
Now i’ve just read that the px-800a is not a “right” Plextor but it’s just labelled. : (

Is really the px-800a a bad product ?

I don’t know if it is such a “bad” product. I read it should be a NEC drive. I never had a NEC drive.

Have you tried to use the PX-800 alone at your 2nd IDE plug? Today it is still possibe that the two IDE drives on the cable have compatibility probelems with each other.

Is is possible to give the drive back? I’d return the drive since you have compatibility problems. I’d get a LG or Samsung drive or of course a PX-760A if you find one :iagree:

Yes, i’ve tested all combinations.
So when the px-800a is alone it doesn’t work.
The only way to get something running is to plug it behind another dvd burner. So the px-800a can “see” DVD, burn DVD but cannot read DVD DL it has just burned !!

i’ve written to plextor to try a deal.
Getting a px-760a and sending back the px-800a, i wish it works.

It’s so amazing Asus and Plextor support have just said “we didn’t see this problem before” and we can think “so buy another motherboard”.

I don’t want to buy a new one, it’s the first time i got a such problem.

I don’t think they will make this deal, but you never know.

For example I had an problem with my Premium II CD burner, I send them all things they need, and I had a new one after a week or so… They wrote me in an email when they sent me the new one they will ask for my broken one in a time span of two weeks, after that I have to dispose the drive. Now it’s three weeks ago and they did not want the drive. :eek:
Since electronic parts are hazardous waste in Germany I put it to my other elecronics stuff for dispose. :cool:

I’ve tested the px-712A dvd burner.
It’s an old product but it works fine using my computer.
Are px-712a, px-760a and px-800a builted on same basically hardware ?

Plextor french support has repliyed to me and doesn’t want to deal.
But they gave me the belgium sales’email to try the deal (px-760a / px-800a).
i wrote to them and 'm waiting for the answer.
In the same time, i’ve written to another service in Belgium.