Px755sa (sata) problem - urgent pls help!


I’ve just bought px755sa version and im having a problem

i flashed to 1.05 firmware from 1.02 - no problems

tried burning a cd with nero 7 and roxio with AS auto and verbatim 16x dvd-r on 8x speed. It basically just cached a few files in and kept sitting for 40 mins “burning” - the led on plextor was lit consistently but nothing was happening. I was forced to hard reset my machine 3 times with same problem in nero and roxio. I then turned AS off - same problem happened there -sits there and doesnt do much - buffer doesnt even begin to get filled.
I selected no multisession and write only-no testing…

I have 3 days left on 7 day warranty and i have to leave for work trip in 2 days so i really need some input on this.

I have no problems with my pioneer dvdr on ide channel.
Also i have win xp pro


Did you check if your motherboards SATA-implementation supports optical drives at all? See: http://www.plextor.com/english/support/support_compatability.html

i have asus a8n-e

it seems to detect it fine and never gave any warnings during burning even…

I did upgrade my PX-755SA from firmware 1.02 to 1.05 and had the same problem, however after rebooting the system, write was normal.

if you motherboard has nforce then uninstall nvdia ide driver… :a

Material Defender 1032

Thanks for the tip.
That one made my Burner happy too.


or revert to firmware 1.02