PX755A owners, Overburning +R media still impossible?

First i want to thanks Plextor Europe for his excellent and really fast warranty service. :bow:
My 1,5 year old PX716A started to make some “power calibration errors” with all my burning softwares and plextor sent me back via DHL a
brand new PX755A; TLA0001 made in january 2006.

Right now i’m testing the write quality of the drive with some medias and it seems good.

I 've read the cdfreaks review of the PX755A and i have noticed that overburning with DVD+R is not possible at the time of this review.

The PX716A can overburn very well and it is a very usefull feature for me.

i will test overburning soon but right now i don’t have +r media for testing…so if you have the answer…

can we overburn +r media with the latest firmware (1.05) ?

YES :wink:

thank you !

and here the test

look at the size of the DVD. near 100 MB of overburn and still good (over)burn(ing) and very low PIE! :iagree:

this is a MCC04 (Verbatim 16 DVD+R) burned at 16x.