PX755a buffer underrun proof , is this write

I’ve been having some problems with my px755a , while using pxinfo ,i noticed it said buffer underrun proof disabled , so i started plextools pro xl , and check burn proof in this , but it already said enabled , so i went back to pxinfo , and refreshed , and this now also said enabled … But if i restart the pc burn proof is back off again , so is there a way to keep burnproof switched on , without having plextool pro running all the time ???

Burnproof should be enabled by default. Any change (reset, power on/off, etc.) should return it to the default state.

What you could try: Plextools has a “save to drive” button that lets you make certain settings persistent.

Thanks for the reply , but where’s this option too ??? I can’t see it in Plextools Pro XL v3.16 ???