PX755a and Prodisc F01

Having terrible results with this combination. Has anyone else encountered similar?

PX755a using imgburn @ 8x

But seems ok with my BenQ 1650 BCFC using imgburn @ 8x

I have manually created a strategy using Plextools but still getting this result. Help, as I have 100 of these and would prefer to use the Plex!

I can remember to have had excellent results with prodisc f01 on my 716. Unfortunately I have no more f01 handy to check on my 755.
Probably you have a bad batch of discs. In this case you will have to stick to your Benq.

Well it would seem its the discs themselves. Had about 20 or so of a 100 spindle that were like the above, but they seem to be better further down.

They were only El Cheapo’s and quality seems very variable

Bought some these as my local store did not have any verbatim 8 speed in stock bought these Prodisc F01 50 for £7.50 the burn quality is very good, I don’t know if i got a good batch or somthing but check these scans out. the media was sold under datawrite lable which I know somtimes can be very questionable however I was very impressed with these what do you guys think about the results.

here is my second scan of prodisc f01 still with excelent results this has scanned better than even some of plextor 16 speed tayio yuden but then again don’t know how long these will last

Those scans actually look positively great compared to mine…

A few months back, SVP had some Datawrite Grey F01s in the discount delivery section so I grabbed some (one of those offers where it was actually cheaper to buy them than not to buy them) and they are simply the worst discs I’ve ever had in my 755a. I’ve tried custom autostrats, default strats, speeds from 2X to 8X (all burns fail above that) and this is about as good as I can do:

Thoes are really bad scans maybe I just recieved a good batch as i did not need to use any custom starts, I have no idea how long they will last though

Firmware 1.05 for the 760A (= 1.06 for the 755 I THINK) fixed my horrible F01 burns (PIF avgr. from 527.22 to 16.88).


Try the Firmware if you have not already.

If my F02s are anything to go by, check them after 6 months or so :wink:

Here is a scan of my prodisc fo1 7 months later they are still going strong

I’ve got terrible results with Prodisc and Plextor (760A).
Then i tried to burn the discs on the LiteOn and surprise!!! Great results, even better than some MCC004’s.

I’ve had decent to excellent results with F01 and my Plextor drives, with the variability being on the media side and not with the drives. The F01 I’ve used has been wide-printable and unbranded.