PX750A I/O erroe

Hi everybody !

i’ve just got a new PX750A and …
when i try to burn a DVD+R DL, it crash with this kind of error :

“I/O error … illegal write adress …”

any ideas ?

thx for help


Welcome to the forum.
Which burning application and version are you using to burn the discs?

I use a PX750A Firmware 1.03 and I try to burn DVD+R DL Bulkpak & Mediarange with ImgBurn .

Thx for help


If you are going to burn DL disks, make sure you use Verbatim. Other brands/media IDs have given people problems.

Depending on how many disks you have burnt and where you bought the disks from, you might be able to return for a refund. If you are unable to do so, try burning at the slowest speed if you aren’t already doing so.

You are right on the money using Imgburn. The latest CloneCD with AnyDVD does a good job with DL disks i’ve heard, but I have no personal experience.

i’ve tried a verbatim last night & i get the same error ! :frowning:

Ok, unfortuately, it appears the 750 is quite a poor DL burner.

What Verbatim DL disk did you try? According to the compatibility chart off of Plextors website. Only MKM003 (8x) +DL are recomended, not the 2.4x ones. I’m not sure what the media code is for your Bulkpaq disks are but the Mediarange disks are RICOHJPN D00 I believe which should be "compatable."

We know you are burning using Imgburn, but what kind of files are you burning? Movie? backup files? Also, have you burnt any single layer disks or cds without a problem?