PX740 - Problem with burning

Hello all people, :smiley:

I have read some thread about px740 but not found my problem
but Garden Dwarf have same error than me on PXInfo (dma=no)

I have flashed bios v1.00 to v1.01
Nero version is v6.6.0.16

I have burned about 20 dvd with px740 --> no problem at 8x with memorex dvd-r but now when i’m burning this same media (memorex 8x dvd-r) time needing is 15 mn (not 8mn)
strange !!
dont know why

see picture for details …not big size -> 30 to 60 ko each pic :wink:

Hello, “happy” to see that I’m not alone with the 740 problems …

I am not an hardware professional, but you can put the configuration you have. If you have an old computer, maybe the data transfer rate is not optimal … did you make the read transfer rate test under PlexTools with the DVD (the one that takes 15 minutes) inserted ?

my config :

Asus p4c800 deluxe
p4 2.8ghz HT
1 go ram pc 3500
windows xp sp2 pro


also some pics from plextool

  1. Are you accessing a drive on the same IDE port your Plextor is connected to while you are burning? This will lead to buffer underruns. Burnproof will rescue the disc, but it takes some time until the burner continues to write onto the disc.

  2. Is your Plextor running in UDMA mode? If it’s running in PIO mode, that could be the reason for slow burns.

  3. Are you accessing the hard disc that delivers the data for your burns a lot during burning? See 1.

sorry for long delay … but testing …

I have reinstalled windows --> no result
cant burn my dvd (memorex dvd-r x8) with 8x speed (only 4x)

with CDVDInfo v1.24 --> i have this -->

My Memorex Dvd-R X8 (burning about +100 with pioneer a07 x8 speed)

New SONY Dvd+R X8 (recognized at 8x speed and burn now at 8x speed)

How can plextor px740 can recognize my memorex at 8x ?? (dvd-r)

Strange …

(i have firmware v1.01)

thanks anyway


Stay away from CMC 8x -R. It’s not very good media. Once you use them up, stick to the Sony 8x media, especially the 8x +R made in Japan (YUDEN000T02).