PX716SA is driving me nuts

I bought a PX716SA back at the beginning of the summer and have yet more than a couple good DVD’s and no good CD’s. I’ve burned maybe 30 DVD backups and ALL are choppy (really bad) except 1 or two on ritek media, and now with TY media. I’ve also burned about 25 CD-R discs (Ritek and Sony) and each and every one is bad. I burn from an ISO that’ll load up in Daemon tools just fine and when I try to install from the CD-R it has errors, mostly corrupt large files. It passes a self test and burns at speed but it’s useless because it won’t burn usable discs. I’ve tried several versions of Nero and Roxio, I’ve also tried several combos of driver versions (on the MB and SATA controller) and several versions of firmware for the drive. But here is the really anoying part. Plextor supports first suggestion was “Defrag the Hard drive!!!” :a I mean come on, defrag!? The second call resulted in “uhh maybe it’s the ISO’s and the one good dvd you wrote must have been good because it was a new project, not a backup”… grrrr

Ohh and I ordered a NEC3400… 35 bucks and I think I’ll drop kick this Plextor into a river. Too bad too, my 12/10/32A wrote thousands of flawless CD’s

I mean a 3540A…

Well i must confess, the 3540 is better with Princo`s, than my 716 :bigsmile:

could you send me that 716SA instead of dropping it into a river? would really appreciate it :wink:

edit: sorry, just saw that the self-test has passed…

have you tried it in another PC to rule out a software/hardware conflict or system setup issue?

You should really do that, because corrupt files are seldom the burner’s fault! Usually, there’s something wrong with the rest of the system.

I understand it’s unlikely the burner’s fault but I’m going to switch to an IDE drive and there really doesn’t seems to be a need for going with plextor again. I think I’ll sell my 716 for a heck of a deal (50-60 bucks?)… that way I come out even and don’t have to deal with this nightmare… to my defense though I have tried so many combo’s of drivers and firmware. I did improve DVD performance a tad by uninstalling the NVIDIA IDE drivers, but the CD’s are still bad and the DVD’s are only a bit better, still choppy etc.

PS unfortunately this computer is the only one I have that has SATA and I don’t know anyone with SATA currently… so I’ll just sell the thing and enjoy an NEC…

Well if you can’t find any buyer and going to drop the 716SA into a river, please let me know which river. I’m going fishing sometime this fall.

Good luck with your NEC btw. :slight_smile:

Haza! the NEC should arrive today. If it works it comes down to the burner (which passes self test) and the SATA setup of my computer. If it doesn’t I guess I’ll nuke/pave the system and decide which of the two to keep.

The 716 is a decent drive, and I really mean decent. after having several pre-Premium Plextors and then the pinnacle of plextors great product line, the Premium, I was really dissapointed when I bought the 716, then sold it.

Where did you pick up the 4550?

It’s a 3540A and I got it at Newegg for 42 shipped. Works FLAWLESSLY!!! I’ve burned 2 DVD’s at 16x (TYG03) and they were perfect! ohh and 3 CD’s… also perfect… Thank god I got the Plextor out… Anyone want a 716SA??? I’ll sell it cheap!

lemmee guess, you’re using an nvidia chipset?

Yup, Nforce 2

The problems you’re having are solely due to nvidia’s crappy chipset and even crappier drivers. Don’t blame Plextor, it’s not their fault.

Your Chipset is your problem i have PX-716SA it work perfect for me.you an Intel chipset like IC7,IC6 or IC5 for your sata cd/dvd/cdrw to work,
all other Sata chipset only work with hard drives because they did not follow the rules ,but the intel sata chipset work on all sata drives.

NVidia just updated their driver set to 6.60 (I think the version is correct). Supposed to take care of SATA problems.

The problem is in hardware, the nForce 4 chipset does does support ATAPI SATA devices.

That’s incorrect. nforce 3 & up have native support for SATA opticals. However, due to nvidia’s crap drivers and varying BIOS implementations across motherboards it’s a complete crap shoot as to whether a SATA optical will work with your mobo on the nforce native ports.

Huh, ohh well, I’m trading it for an IPod for my lovely fiance… I’m lovin’ the NEC though… I’m suprised Plextor support didn’t tell me this…

Tell me about it. I just picked up a BenQ 1640 for a new SFF build and I’m amazed at how much better this drive is than than my Plex. They’ve definitely slipped. I’m selling the Plex and sticking with the 1640 - all the features I need, superior speeds, high quality burns, and normal pricing. Unless Plextor brings it they are only going to be able to live on their reputation for so long.