PX716SA Install problems/Read error?

Hi i have just stumbled on this forum and read about the compatibility problems with this drive but my particular hw combination doesn’t seem to be covered.
I running the drive on an promise sata150IItx2plus pci controller, my mb is an asus a7v333 (old i know). The problem is that i can’t seem to install any games from this drive, they always fail a bit into the install process.
I have tried putting the controller into another pc (running an intel mb) and getting the drive to work. I have tried different promise bios versions and plextor firmware revisions.
It seem there is a problem with my MB and the plextor/promise combination. Does anybody know any solution or even a post confirming any problems with this combination, all the post i have read only speak of onboard controller problems?

It doesn’t look like many people here have any experience with this (and I’m no different).

Plextor has a SATA compatibility page, does it mention add-on controllers like your Promise? Also, try contacting Promise and see what they know about putting an optical disc drive on their controller.

Sorry I can’t be of more assistance…

See this threadand this post in particular, it’s an older post but probably still applies to controllers today. I believe most Plextor 716A users are having luck with Silicon image based controllers.:wink:

like the post that crossg linked to above alludes to, majority of Promise controllers do not fully support ATAPI commands and are therefore bad for optical drives…

try a different controller or an on-board SATA port on a newer mobo…i doubt it’s your drive but rather the controller at fault here…

The drive works as it should when i move both the promise controller and the drive over to another older pc, which does have an intel MB. It’s only when running on my via, I encounter the problem.
I have sent 2 emails to promise but i suspect that they have been stopped in their spam filter, as i haven’t heard a word from them. I was going to send mail to plextor as well, but their reply function wasn’t working this weekend, i’ll try later.

newest 4in1’s installed? www.viaarena.com

I just thought about that :doh: , i’ve tried uninstalling all via drivers but no difference. Reinstalled the newest hyperion but still. Tried just installing part of them but to no avail.

what about the IDE Accelerator driver? tried with and without? http://www.viaarena.com/default.aspx?PageID=420&OSID=1&CatID=1180&SubCatID=148

Just tried with the accelerator but no difference :frowning:
Have just sent the details to plextor tech support.
Does anybody know if there exist a tool to analyze a sata datastream?
i haven’t found any. I have tried running a cd/dvd check program (not plextools) but it doesn’t give any errors.
I should add that if I take my old dvd drive or other plextor cd burner, I can install without problem.

and you’ve conducted the self-test with a approved blank to rule out faulty/defective/failed drive itself?

I haven’t done the self test because, I can get it to work when I put it in another pc, which of couse has an intel MB.

ah, that’s right…sorry…

hmm, i’m out of ideas ATM… :frowning:

Thanks anyway.

I have an Asus A7N8X Deluxe mobo and a 716SA. I’ve had a lot of correspondence with Plextor and a rather short one with Adaptec. I have tried the onboard SATA controller, a Promise SATAII 150 SX4, and an Adaptec ASH-1205SA. Running DMA4 mode with the on board SATA controller (SIL3112 chipset) or the Adaptec card (same chipset), or the Promise card would eventually give intermittent data (corruption) read errors. The read errors do not occur in the same place (i.e. the data has been written to the DVD correctly). These error would typically show up in a Nero burn on the verify step as the data on the DVD did not match the source. Or they would show up when ripping a DVD as a data error (not a parity error) tagged as some kind of header error (if I remember correctly). By doing a data compare of the data as read from the disk against the source (ripping the DVD back to the HD) and doing a DOS “fc” command with the /b option it appeared the data was being skewed by 4 bytes with the Adaptec. In one case bytes 0 and 3 of one word of the skewed data were swapped. I suspect some kind of timing problem although in what stage in the DVD drive -> embedded IDE to SATA converter in DVD drive -> Adapter Controller -> HD this was occurring I have no idea. You might try running the 716SA in DMA mode 2 (jumper installed on 716SA) just to see if the errors go away. They seemed to do so in my case with the onboard controller. This is not a final solution since it severely limits the performance of the 716SA.

The promise card was initially giving some of the same data problems, however, this was sensitive to the slot it was populated in the mobo. I have the card in the last slot (farthest from the AGP slot) this produced minimal (almost no) errors. Since I have updated to the latest bios and the latest drivers the drive with the Promise controller card appears to working properly. The only problem I have noticed is that with some DVDs the DVDMax Player ver 2.0 sometimes will not play a DVD, it starts but terminates the program, or produces very pixilated video and broken up audio. Windows media player appears to work properly. Although I have some minor issues apparently related to the Nero codec (that’s another story). The Adaptec card would work appear to work properly with the DVDMax player.

I didn’t expect the onboard controller to work based on data from Plextor’s site. I tried the Promise controller 1st and had very intermittent data errors, went to the Adaptec card on Plextor’s recommendation seemed to work ok initially, but started seeing verify errors with Nero and DVD rip errors, went back to the Promise Card with the updated drivers as a last ditch/gasp try and am currently using the Promise card with no apparent problems.

I only chose the 716SA since I have all the IDE controller slots taken up. The 716SA appears to be really twitchy with regard to the mobo its chipset and the adapter card (if used) chip set. What bothers me is the SATA interface is supposed to be doing error checking on commands and data. Why the skewed data is not being detected by the CRC error checking has me puzzled. Plextor did not supply any explanations on this issue.

If I had to do it all over again, I think I would replaced the 708A IDE with a 716A IDE drive, or added an PCI/IDE controller card and connected the 716A to that while keeping the 708A. It would have been a lot cheaper in time, agrivation, and $$$$s!

I have never had a problem with the WD SATA hard drive on the mobo SATA controller

My configuration is:
A7N8X Deluxe (v 1.06) with 1G RAM running an AMD 2800+
WDC WD1200JB drive on IDE 0 primary
Maxtor 5T040H4 drive on IDE 0 secondary
WDC WD2000JD drive on onboard SATA controller
Plextor PX-20TS (SCSI) CD ROM drive on Adaptec AHA-2940U controller (legacy from previous PCs)
Plextor PX-716SA on Promise controller
Plextor PX-708A (on IDE 1 primary)
Plextor Premium CD drive (on IDE 1 secondary)
ATI Radeon 9700 AGP video card
Audigy Gamer sound card
Promise SATAII 150 TX4 SATA controller.
Operating system Windows XP Pro with SP2+updates

This is the 2nd 716SA that have installed. The first was RMAd to Plextor do to very poor write quality. PIs within the limints on Sum8 and Sum1 tests, but 3 to 4x worse than they should have been. Plextor to their credit replaced the drive. The current drive is producing excellent burns using TY +8 or -8 media.

Plextor has ignored my lasted e-mails when I asked for help with the latest Adaptec problem it took a week or so to notice the data errors.

Adapted stated that the “1205SA was never designed to work with optical drives” and refused to even discuss the problem or offer any technical support. I suggested they should clarify on their website data sheet for the 1205SA that it is not (may not work) with optical drives.

Sorry for the long post but I’ve been persuing this problem for the better part of two to three months.

Hope the info helps.

I tried enabling the jumper and got it to work :slight_smile: but it’s running dma2 of course :Z . I have been running it on the slot furthest away from the agp card and have also tried having it closer with the same results. I guess i’m stuck then if neither plextor nor promise wan’t to help. I’m thinking of returning it but have unfortunately destroyed the box it came in :doh:.
Maybe i should just blow it up :stuck_out_tongue: anybody got some spare C4.