PX716A PowerRec too sensitive in 1.05?

PoweRec in 1.05 seems to be a little bit too sensitive with my media. I’ve tried it with TYG02 8x printables from Rima.com and 8x TDK branded CMC MAG E01. They all burn perfectly at 8x on NEC 3520 or Benq 1620.
On PLextor With PR on, they drop to 4x somwehere in the middle of the burn which results in increased PIE/PIF rates. If I turn PR off they burn perfectly fine at 8x all the way to the end and results are even better than on the NEC or Benq. The PR wasn’t behaving like that in 1.04U. Has anyone had similar experience?
PS: How do I attach the pictures? can’t find an option for that.

Interesting finding Dariuszr; the pictures had to be uploaded to another site then linked from this forum.

I’ve just looked at the properties of couple of attached pictures in other posts and I can for example see “http://club.cdfreaks.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=28952&stc=1
which leads me to believe that there is a way to store/attach them here without using a link. Anybody?

Here are the images, first TYG02 8x -R dropping to 4x

second the scan on LiteOn 165 reader

third scan when burned with Powerec off, clearly an improvement

Before you start bashing me doing scans on LiteOn reader not burner I have to say that it’s pretty reliable scanner and usually represents the quality of the disk. But also did scan it on Benq with similar results.

i had the same problem with 1.04 and 1.04u!On Verbatim DVD+ / DVD- and TDK DVD+ / DVD-!
The Speed drops to 4x!
Then i changed my #0203 drive to a #0304, but the problem is always exist!

Mine is 0304 too, I had 0203 before but I’ve returned it since it wasn’t producing the expected results. 0304 is not much better but I wanted to try another drive to be sure the 0203 wan’t a lemon.
All things considered I wanted to keep this Plex but after a spindle of blanks testing between Plex, Benq, Nec and Pioneer I’m not sure it’s worth it. Come to think about it I have not found a clear winner yet, they all have their pluses and minuses with certain media. I guess Nec is the most consistent one so far but the lack of CAV at 8x speeds that adds 1 min to the burn is making me think too.