PX716A only 8x CLV with Audio CDs?




When i insert a audio cd plextools shows only 8x clv as current speed. When i try to set it higher it always reverts back to 8x clv. Is this normal. Drive Information shows 17-40x cav for audio cds…


I have the same results with certain disks, for instance, Journey’s Arrival. If I choose another disk and set the drive to 17-40 and speed read, it works. Some disks will only be ripped at 8X regardless of what you do. I sometimes have to save my settings and close PlexTools, then restart it for the new setting to take. If you previously ripped a disk at 8X with PlexTools, the subsequent disks will revert to the same speed. Go figure . . .



Plextor DVD recorders will lower the read speed when it detects an unbalanced disc (because of label or sticker or something similar). Nothing you can do about this as it’s a security measurement.


I can confirm what Gamefreak said. This issue has been also discussed on HydrogenAudio in the Why does my Plextor sometimes throttle back to 8x?, When doing DAE thread.