Px716a manual error?



I downloaded px716a manual from plextor.com (I have the bulk version of drive).
I think there is an error in manual and I would want one confirmation from you.
At page 24 is reported mine exact configuration but I know that in ultra66/100/133 chain the master drive MUST be attached to black connector and the slave drive to gray connector instead the exact contrary is illustrated.
Instead pages 26-27-28 report the correct position of master and slave, also in cable select configuration.
Is this an error??
Thank you and sorry for my bad english.

PS:My configuration is:
-maxtor diamond max 10 200GB master primary (black connector)
-maxtor diamond max plus 9 80GB slave primary (gray connector)
-plextor px116a dvdrom master secondary (black connector)
-plextor px716a slave secondary (gray connector)


I don’t see in Plextor manual (online and in my manual book) that says about the connecter colors.

Your setup is correct btw.


I agree with Zevia. Your setup ist correct. Just ignore the manual. :slight_smile:


Easiest way to remember is Blue to Motherboard, Middle to Slave and End to Master.:slight_smile:


Forget the colors. The easy way is this:

  1. The connector on its own goes into the motherboard
  2. The connectors that are closer to each other go to the drives.

(Logical, since there are two connectors close together and you can plug in two drives. It would be very odd if one of them was for the motherboard.)



Hi and thank you for your very quick reply!!
I know the correct connector to motherboard is the connector on its own (blue connector).
But the question is : what is the correct master connector?? Is the middle-gray connector (I dont think is that) or the black connector ??
I think the correct way is mine (as in cable select configurations) but the manual report alternative (wrong??) way.
This is the link to “incriminated manual”: http://www.plextor.com/english/support/manuals/manuals.html

Again thank you


Just remembered this link for an FAQ on IDE:


I quote the relevant passage:

[I]5.2. Does it matter how I connect the devices to the cable?

Not much. If you have only one drive on the cable, it is best to put
it at the very end, especially when you’re using any of the faster
modes. For two devices, it doesn’t matter where you put the master and
the slave, or which end of the cable you plug into the controller.
Just take care that you plug them in the right way: the red wire is
supposed to correspond to pin 1.

When Plug’n’Play ATA arrives the Cable Select (CS) setting will be
used, and all of this will change. Some name brand machines may
already employ a similar setup.


thank you for the link to ide faq (a lot interesting).
But mine questions are about ultradma 66/100/133 that introduced 80wire cable and the limits in the positioning of the peripherals, instead the ide faq is updated to ultradma33 and 40 wire cable with no limits in positioning.
Thank you for your patience.