PX716A Loading disc problem?

Is this 21sec loading time normal? This is from Mitsubishi DVD+R 8x created at 12x.

Disc is created using CD-DVD Speed program.

Older firmware give me up to 1min+ loading time. Is my set faulty? Pls help

I bought this set only few days back. I live in Singapore but I bought it in Hong Kong, so I couldn’t bring it to the shop :frowning:

I think it’s normal for 716a, even if you set “Silent Mode” and drag the tray speed to high.

Just for comparison, my BenQ 1620 can get faster load time but longer recognition time.

The Plextor drives are not the fastest drives when it comes to recognizing media. Nothing to worry about there DVDude. Welcome to the forums by the way :wink: