PX716A - how to change to bezel?


can anyone exlpain me how to change the front bezel of the plex please. i followed exactely the instructions in the manual, but the tray doesn´t open.

what´s the trick?


first you need to manually eject the tray with the included pin (or a straightened paper clip). then you need to remove the front of the tray itself (the piece with the glossy strip on it), then you can remove the larger drive bezel by depressing the 5 hinge thingies. i followed the manual and it worked fine, not sure what you’re not getting from the manual.

i tried to manually eject the tray with the included pin, but after inserting the pin nothing happened. the tray does not open.

how far do i have to insert the pin and how strong and how long?

you need to insert the pin straight in and push it til the drive tray comes out a little (it’s a significant push of the pin). once you can grab the drive tray, you can pull it out slowly by hand.

And dont be too careful. Push the pin into the hole till the tray comes out.

o.k. guys thanks a lot, it finally works. i was a litte bit too careful. :slight_smile: