PX716A Autostrategy contradictions?

Okay, I’m new to DVD burning, so I’ve been burning lots of test coasters with Nero and Plextools and it’s taken me awhile to figure a few things out. A least I think I’ve got some things figured out. And some not. See if what I observe makes sense. I’m using Verbatim DVD+R 8x (MCC 003) disks in my new PX716A. If I allow Nero Tools free rein to burn a data test disk, it will ramp things up to 12x. When I scan these, I’ve tended to get errors, some serious. (I can post scans, if you like.) Okay, makes sense, they’re 8x rated disks. So, I finally force Nero Tools to create the test disk at 8x and all scans are fine. So then I used Plextools to do a Media Quality Check (Plextools 2.2.-Drive Settings-Advanced-Autostrategy Media Quality Check). At 12x it reports “The drive may not write correctly . . .” and at 8x it reports all is well. Now here’s the problem. CD/DVD Info says the writes speed for this media by DRIVE SPECIFICATION is up to 12x. And indeed I observed some apps (e.g., Nero Recode) burn a DVD at 12x (which showed less than healthy scans). On those real-world DVDs that I recorded at 8x, the scans looked fine.

FWIW, there are no Added Write Strategies in the Autostrategy database.

Here’s what I think is happening. The Plextor firmware 4 Autostrategy database must list these disks as okay at 12x, whereas they are not so good at this speed. So, if I force 8x in Plextools, will it carry over to Nero apps? Do I need to force 8x in Nero somewhere? Can I get Autostrategy to recognize what its own Media Quality Check recognizes, that 12x is a bad idea for MCC 003s? Or have I completely misunderstood what I’m looking at?

Thanks for your help.

Autostrategy does not work at all for MCC003 since this is Plextor recommended media and is therefore included in the drive’s firmware (it is approved for 12x firmware-wise and up to today, there are no mods for Plextor’s own writing strategies).

The whole ‘Autostrategy’ function is for unknown/non-approved media only … and if you want to burn at a lower speed, just choose the speed you are comfortable with in your burning application of choice.

Sorry, my poor choice of terms, I guess. It seemed to me that Autostrategy referred to both the entries in firmware and the unknowns that get added. At any rate, I was referring to the MCC003 entry in the firmware and conjecturing that it must be approved for 12x. As I said, the problem is that these to do not burn well at 12x. So what’s the best way to get Nero and other apps to burn these at 8x instead of the approved 12x? And if they are approved at 12x, how come I’m getting poor scans? A bad batch of media? A bad PX-716A?

For example:

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Nero appears to override any Plextools settings including bitsetting and speed. It also defaults to the highest setting available, I have to turn it down to 8x everytime for high quality 8x DVD+R burns.

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Thank you. That makes sense.

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Just got off the Plextor web site and in their PX-716A Media compatibility section it shows DVD-R Ritek 8x on the compatible list, when I look in the Autostategy section it is listed again, I have ritek G05 and it is in my Autostategy data base. Question is, is there another brand of DVD-R 8x Ritek or is G05 the one and only? My brother and I both bought Plextor -716A drives at the same time and use the same media and F/W. He does not have it in his A/S data base with well over 30 burns, Kind of confused as there seems to be a conflict.

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