PX716A and PRODISCF01's.. Mixed Results

Just an FYI for all you PX716 owners. I’ve burned about 50 PRODISCF01’s on various burners, and I’ve had some occassional problems with them on my Plextor. I’m only burning them at 6x, but quite a few of them have really bad errors from around 3000 to 4000 bytes into the dvd. The ones I’m using are the 8x -r inkjet printables. They have worked fine in my NEC3500, BENQ 1620, and Pioneer A07. Either I’ve had some bad discs in my spindle, or the Plextor just doesn’t like them. Anyone else had similar issues???

I have no problem http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=839749&postcount=244
but again I dont use ProdiscF01 that much.

I bought a 25 Pack cake box Fujifilm DVD-R thinking TYG02 but didn’t check for Made in Japan and ended up with Prodisc F01. This stuff doesn’t burn well for me in any burner at any speed, always has huge swells of PI/PIF in the miidle of the burn. Could very well be a bad batch but I won’t go out of my way to buy any more.:slight_smile: