PX716 mail in rebates - how reliable?



As per the rebate form in this link,

Plextor offers $30 rebate ONLY to those retail kits that have
product codes 7_6507510744_2 or 7_6507510745_9.
Does that mean these products are defective and plextor wants to sell them anyhow? :confused:
How can a buyer have confidence if only a certain batches of the same product alone have rebates?


My TLA0202 has the 7_6507510744_2
Maybe the 745_9 is for TLA0203?
Then I think it means the rebate is for newer drives only (TLA0202 and 0203).


Hmm, I haven’t seen this rebate before, this is a brand new one. Yes, Zevia, I believe you are right.

I just received a TLA#0203 and it’s a 7_65075-10744_2


Was at Best Buy yesterday…Here’s what’s up:

7_6507510744_2 is the PX-716A

7_6507510745_9 is the PX-716UF (External)

Found a TLA 0202 and picked it up for $111 after 10% discount and $5 off using my Best Buy Reward Zone card. Then I downloaded the $30 rebate certificate from http://www.plextor.com/english/index.html and will send it in…so I got the drive for $81 after tax. Not too shabby…and thus far…the drive performs well…



So I guess the new 30 rebate (1/1/05 - 3/1/05) is indeed for newer batch, ie 716A TLA0202 and above, and 716UF TLA0101 and above.

bobmitch, where did you get the 10% discount? Is it for public or only applies to your BB reward zone? any link if for public?


Thanks Zeiva, Imbad, and Bobmitch. Now I am confident of buying one drive online. Unfortunately my local BB doesn’t stock 716A.


My BB discount was in the mail from BB…Reward Zone deal! Indeed…I have been playing with this drive since last evening…after I installed. It definately blows my NEC ND-3500 away burning CD’s. As far as DVD…burned one movie this far…looking good. I am not as concerned about charts and diagrams as I am with “what I see” for myself. So far, so good.



i’ve got 2 pending $30 rebates (the ones that were through 12/31/04). i don’t expect to see that $60 for another 6 months or so (hope for the best but expect the worst) but Best Buy IS pretty good about rebates - they give you the rebate form with your receipt (no need to find something online or print it out), they give you a rebate copy of the receipt (no need to photocopy your receipt and/or worry about having to send your only receipt in), they have online tracking of your rebates (haven’t used this yet), etc. etc.

i don’t think rebates get much easier to fill out than this.