PX716-A what is the rw speed can it go 6x?-

PX716-A what is the rw speed can it go 6x?-

also was told i can use ritek8x`s at 12 eny idea if this is pos with this dvdrw px716-a

as ever sc00terx

max 8x with +RW 8x media, 6x with -RW media.

No, only 4x with DVD-RW media:

(starting from firmware version 1.05, 6x DVD-RW media is supported, but burnt at 4x).

PX-716A Benefits

[li] Writing DVD+R: 16x
[/li]> [li] DVD-R: 16x
[/li]> [li] DL DVD+R: 6X
[/li]> [li] DL DVD-R: 6X
[/li]> [li] CD-R: 48x
[/li]> [li] Rewriting DVD+RW: 8x
[/li]> [li] DVD-RW: 4x
[/li]> [li] CD-RW: 24x
[/li]> [li] Reading DVD-ROM: 16x
[/li]> [li] CD-ROM: 48x
[/li]> [/ul]

PX-716A/SA/UF V1.05

[li] Added: Support for newer 8X DVD+R media
[/li]> [li] Support for newer 16X DVD+R media
[/li]> [li] Support for newer 8X DVD-R media
[/li]> [li] Support for newer 16X DVD-R media
[/li]> [li] Support for newer 8X DVD+RW media
[/li]> [li] Support for newer 4X and 6X DVD-RW media
[/li]> [li] Support for newer DVD+R DL media
[/li]> [li] Support for 6X writing on DVD-R DL media
[/li]> [li] Support for 6X writing on DVD+R DL media
[/li]> [/ul]

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How shitty is that?!? :eek:

Sorry? It’s working as advertised. Plextor never said the 716a would support -RW @6x.

That’s of course true, but when I read “Support for newer 4X and 6X DVD-RW media” I would not expect that 6x media is supported, but burnt at 4x. :wink:
I wouldn’t buy 6x media to burn it at 4x…

yup i new i did see it would suport 6x but forgot it was only + not - dam eny one know where to get some 8RW+ from ?? or even 6RW+

but thanks for the help/info :slight_smile:

as ever sc00terx

I got mine about 1 month ago from amazon. However, beware the crappy results on Plextor and Pioneer drives with these discs.

The results are a shame compared to the same disc burnt with a NEC. :eek:

Can anyone actually recommend any DVD+/-RWs?

Lord Voldemort:

Good question about “Can anyone actually recommend any DVD+/-RWs?”. I asked that about two weeks ago and only a handfull of answers. I finally purchased a single Verbatim disc and then posted the resulting scan. The link is: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=142795.

One question I’m having trouble finding the answer to is where to get DVD+RW 8X[B]. I see that Alexnoe and Konsolen and someone else in Germany tried the Ricoh’s. Just where do I get 8X in the USA? Doesn’t seem like the local stores or the internet media sites (meritline, rima) I’ve visited have it. Here’s a real nice marketing promo of the Ricoh’s: http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/News/Details.aspx?NewsId=13819. Ricoh’s not even selling them from their online catelog to North America. Talk about being the redheaded stepson! (apologies to all redheads)

Should I even mention that Plextor’s own media compatibility web page recommends a phantom Mitsubishi Chemical DVD+RW 8X? Does this really exist in our dimension? Are they sniffing fairy dust in the testing lab? I probably also shouldn’t mention that not only does Plextor list media product ID numbers that are non-existent in little ole America, but also that several of the product ID numbers are no longer even manufactured/sold as per Verbatim’s own website search function. Did anyone else notice that the Verbatim DVD+R 16X Reorder #95059 included as a free sample with the 716A is no where to be found in the USA to my knowledge. Figures this one sample Verbatim 16X burns better than any of the Verbatim 16X of different Reorder number that are available in the USA… and I bought 3 cakeboxes of 25 discs each thinking that it would be same as the free sample included with my drive!

Given that Verbatim, and Taiyo Yuden, is one of the biggest recordable media manufacturer’s highly touted by Plextor for it’s compatibility, wouldn’t you think Plextor (and Verbatim to some extent) would do a better job of keeping their customers a bit better informed? After all, we’re just the poor slobs buying their products and providing the money for their paychecks.

So… with regard to this thread… despite the rough looking PxScan, the Verbatim DVD+RW 4X Reorder #94520 functions without issue in both my 716A and my Philips DVP642 DVD player.

Plextor PX-716A Dual Layer 16x4x DVD±RW ReWriter - Retail (CD-024-PL)
The Plextor PX-716A is supported by a unique two-year On-Site Collect & Return guarantee by Plextor. The Retail package includes an extra black front bezel and PlexTools Professional.

  • DVD+R 16x, DVD-R 16x
  • DVD+R9 4X, DVD+RW 4X
  • DVD-RW 8X<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<???
  • Read 16X, CD-RW 24X, Read 48X
  • Access time 150ms
  • Buffer Size : 8MB
  • White & Black Bezel Included
  • 2 year Collect & Return Warranty
    thats the info on h**p://w*w.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/DVD_RW_Drives.html

hmm strange

as ever sc00terx

also so no one can tell me where to get 8x or even 6x + rw dvd`s in the uk ??


Not really strange… it is simply wrong. :wink:
I think that they use an improper language: note that you can’t find “DVD+RW” anywhere in the page… probably they use “DVD-RW” for “generic” rewritable media, without specifying + or - (DVDRW would have been better), meaning “top speed on DVD-rewritable media”.


I saw that thread, but I had no time to answer, sorry. :wink:
I have posted my little experience with DVD+RWs there now. :slight_smile:

@eltranquil: cool, I have your avatar as a pendant. :slight_smile:

If you are interested in the Plextor, why not go to Plextor’s website and look at their own technical specs? At least that way you have the best chance of getting proper info, though not always correct(see my post above).

So, the question spreads further, from USA to the UK: where do we get this DVD+RW 8X media? The only place I’ve seen so far is Alexnoe’s (?) link to a german amazon.de listing for Ricoh. It isn’t listed on the american amazon.com site. Does this mean that Germany is a beta test site for their new product before releasing to USA (like the way Plextor used the USA for the release of the 716a), or, is the bigger market share (ie profits) to be had in Germany so the release was there first? Are there limited numbers of media due to a manufacturing problem? From a marketing and distribution point of view, there is no reason not to have released the media on both continents at roughly the same time.

***Correction to my previous post. Looking again at plextor’s media list at http://www.plextor.be/technicalservices/technology/cdrmedia.asp?choice=Supported%20media, after selecting DVD+RW, Plextor lists 4 manufacturer’s with 8X media. Only one of the media, CMC, is listed as “+RW”. The other 3 media, Mitsubishi Chemical, Ricoh and Ritek, are listed as “+R”. This page is supposed to be listing only “+RW” media for DVD. We already know that their is a Ricoh DVD+RW 8X (unless Alexnoe was hallucinating when he purchased and tested the media! ). Looks like another Plextor F-Up. Is it too much to ask for a little proofreading and verification before posting from a business. (Yep. I’m guilty too!)

More than likely the media manufacturers submitted test samples to Plextor, after which Plextor listed those media on its recommended list even though they aren’t really available on the market yet. I saw the same thing on Pioneer’s site which lists Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD+R as compatible but this media code is not available even in Japan.

Thanks for the input. You are correct that the PxScan was on a once burned DVD+RW disc. Since then, I have rewritten to the disc 4 times. I will do another PxScan in the sometime today and post the results in http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=142795.