PX716-A problems

I want to say something positive about my PX-716A. g
Although there are people who get much better burn results with the “same” media (variations probably exist), I have nothing to complain about. It works, it burns well, it scans, it just does its job as it should. :slight_smile:

Well , ftp1020 , it’s nice to get credit for initiating things like self-criticism

(as I - Premium716A - did on the basis of enhancing G@M3FR3@K’s observations) ,

but at this moment people are obviously too busy flaming me … and on top of it ,

in my own thread !!! = PLEXTOR , here’s an invitation to communicate with us !

so You’ll just save some of the cheers for me , OK ? :sad:


Very nice suggestions ftp1020. :iagree:

Yeah I agree, well said ftp1020. I think the biggest problem Plextor has is that it has multiple headquarters and that they’re not working well enough together.


Very well said, one of the best write ups I have read in a long time!!! BZ! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Here’s another suggestion:

-Responsive email. I only see addresses for “marketing”, “sales”, and “support”. How about an address to send suggestions/feedback? And more importantly, an email address that actually replies with a “thank you, but…” or “this has been forwarded to our PR staff”. Again, I repeat: Consumers will forgive a lot if they think their complaints are actually being listened to.

Some spare kudos for Premium716a:
:bow: :flower: :clap: :iagree: :kiss: