Px714a -?




seems to be the same as 716 just half the buffer - 4mb versus 8mb.

anyone in china or have access to chinese models?


The site also indicates DVD+RW writing speed reduced to 4X for the PX-714A, as well as no support for Plextool Professional Q-Check features. Included accessories are also reduced (no specifics though).

Overall, PX-714A is a cost-reduced version of PX-716A.


No support for DVD-R DL & 6x DVD-RW, just 4x. Can be found at just under US$100 in the Chinese market.



Weird, that’s the first I’ve ever heard of this drive, not sure it’s really necessary. Seems like it would erode some of Plextor’s profitability.


Good price though. :sad:


Dug out this in their Chinese forum.



No Plextor logo on the front bezel. :bigsmile: Also some marks like CE missing on PX-714A.


Maybe it can be modded into a real 716 and then it will kick high :stuck_out_tongue:


Unlikely if its missing cache, the firmware will fail unless its written to detect the size, I doubt it though.



Plextools can be used after some hack/crack