Px712sa-no second ide drive with fw>1.05?

bought this tla#0104 drive yesterday.
first I removed the ide-sata converter, then I connected it as sec. slave. prim. master is aopen aap.
drive worked great.

then I flashed fw 1.07, started pc.
result: px712sa (slave) is gone (bios and windows).

changed master-slave.
result: aopen (slave this time) is gone but px712sa fw 1.07 works fine.


tried fw 1.06. same as 1.07.
replaced aopen with px708 - same thing.

tried fw 1.05: both drive work great as master or slave just like fw 1.04.

is there any way to use fw >1.05 with 2 drives and 1 ide cable? or is this locked by plextor for this sata drive?

uhh, that should be secondary.

let me get this straight, you bought a SATA Plextor and then took converted it back into an IDE drive??? WHY???

Probably because the PX-712A is no longer available retail (to my knowledge). I assume he had reasons for wanting an IDE 712A as opposed to a 716A.

well I got this retail drive for only 55€. it was the last one of this shop, the last price was 80€. a 716a costs about 120€, 716sa 140€.

I also have a real 712a (running with 1.07 without any problems) but I only have an asus k8v with promise and via sata-controller onboard and an asus a7n266 without sata port.
the promise and via do not support cd-rom devices I think, so I have to run this drive as ide.

the conversion sata-ide took only 2 minutes and I can convert it again for my next pc. :slight_smile:

Also bought PX-712SA 1.05 and using it as P-ATA device (SATA converter removed). After flashing to FW 1.07 still works fine - PX712SA - secondary master, Teac W54 - secondary slave.


thanks for your answer. i still have the prob with my 712sa.
what TLA is your drive?
mine is tla0104, sn110xxx.
what mainboard/controller do you use?

this strange prob is the same on asus a7n266-c and asus k8v se deluxe, i tried with nvidia/via and microsoft ide-drivers.

nevertheless px 712 is a great drive. i have a second unit - a real 712a - running with 1.07 without any problems.

Hello, Shadow200!

My PC is very ancient - Intel Celeron 700MHz with MB Gigabyte GA-6VMML,
VIA VT8601 chipset, VIA Bus Master IDE controller and Microsoft IDE drivers 5.1.2600.2180. Primary master HD WD80Gb. PX712SA TLA0107 (0105 originally), SN133xxx, manufactured - September 2004. Only one strange thing happened - recently i’ve found that my PX712 refused to burn at 12x on Verbatim MCC 003 DVD+R 8x, although few days before I made some 12x burns (both FW1.05 & FW1.07) using same Verbatim MCC 003 DVD. Need to say, that after previous 12x burns I installed some software - Nero InCD, DVD shrink, DVD decrypter, IFO edit and Pinacle DVD studio 9. Then Pinacle was removed. Some time later, I discovered that PX712 working in PIO mode and I can’t to resume DMA. So, I rolled back the system and now again UDMA2, but there is no 12x. Since after some test my best result on MCC 003 DVD+R 8x was 6x burn (PIE 11586 max 9 and PIF 737 max 3) I’m not forcing this little problem for the moment. No other issues yet, the drive is very good!

Sorry for delay with answer.

thanks for the information.
I still have the issue with my 712sa, but no prob with dma or mcc003 here - I think there are some mcc003 that will not burn @12x, maybe you got some of them…

I hope the next fw will solve our problems.