PX712A TLA to get if theres a choice?

With all the problems with the latest 712A hardware and RMA’s is it better to possibly get an older hardware rev rather than the newest ? I know it’s agianst the norm but I’m wondering if the earlier batches are actually the better ones to have ? The place I’m buying at actually has some old TLA 0001’s, TLA 0101’s and some TLA 0102’s.

thanks for any advice, I don’t know that I’ve seen any test info with the different HW revs going head to head, only the firmwares (1.02 vs. 1.03 vs. 1.04)

Hi bjjones

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The drives with TLA 0101 and TLA 0102 are exactly the same hardware. The last number denotes the firmware revision: 1.01 for the first and 1.02 for the second. You will probably want to upgrade the firmware as soon as you get the drive to the latest anyway (currently 1.04) so ignore the last digit of the TLA number.

I personally have a drive with TLA 0101 and it isn’t very good at writing 8X DVD-R at 8X. Plextor are supposed to be releasing a new bios at the end of August that will fix this issue but I would say go with the ealier model. I haven’t had any experience with the earlier model myself but this CDFreaks Review used a model with TLA 0001 and got much better results than mine.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:



Well, I just returned my TLA0102 unit and I picked up both of the older drives they had, one’s a TLA 0001 SN 506580 0080xx (yes, it’s a 506580, not 506584 like everyone elses, the box looks like it’s been around a while) and the others a TLA 0000 SN 506584 1038xx Any idea which of the 2 drives should be the better one ?