PX712a Self Test

I have had some how shall i say “issues” with my px712a lately, contacted customer support and they told me to do the self test where you power down and short the slave and cable select jumpers then power up etc etc.

Anyway on the plextor website it says if your disc does not eject at the end of the test you have a bad drive, mine did not eject but what i wanted to try and find out was the following:

Once it was finished the led began blinking green slowly does anyone know what that means? Just trying to understand/find out what actually went wrong with my drive.

2nd question: how is plextor about RMA, do they pay for the shipping or do u have to pay? Do they simply replace the drive for you or do you get an option to upgrade to say a px716? (assuming your willing to pay the difference)

Thanks for your help guys,

What kind of problem do you have with your 712A?

How to Self Test: please visit http://www.plextor.com/english/support/faqs/HW00008.htm
You need to use a RECOMMENDED media, such as Verbatim (MCC003, MCC004), Maxell, Fujifilm Made in Japan only.

About RMA: you will have to pay shipping to Plextor, they will ship the replacement drive for free. I don’t think you can upgrade to 716a through plextor, but it’s worth a call to find out.

i already ran the self test, the disc did not eject afterwards which it says if the drive is ok it will do.

Have been emailing back and forth with their tech support and in my last email after the self test i asked them these questions also, was just trying to see if anyone could tell me if they know the slow blinking green led means on my drive once the test finishes and if anyone here has any experience with RMA and Plextor.

I am pretty sure the drive is completely screwed, every burn no matter what the media and the burn speed fails verification, i have tried having the burner as master on its own ide channel and still got the same results. Just would like to try and figure out why it happened because last week it was fine and then suddenly this week its not…

Who knows with these things, I guess it just crapped out and there wasnt anything that i personally did.

After self test, if the disc is not ejected and the green LED blinks 1 or 2 times, it means drive failure. But note that you will need a recommended media for the self test. What is your media ID? You can use DVD Identifier (http://dvd.identifier.cdfreaks.com/) to tell the MID of the disk.

If you dont use a recommended media for the self test, the test may failed although the drive might be good.

I saw your other posts that you’re worried about “Data Verification Errors After Complete Burn.” Rather than answering in that thread, I’ll try to answer here.

We don’t suggest to verify the burn as this is not an accurate measurement of errors (quite a few posts regarding this). You can verify how good your burn was by using Plextools QCheck PI/PO test (Sum8 and Sum1).
Sum8 test: acceptable burn if PIE max is below 280 (the Y axis).
Sum1 test: acceptable burn if PIF max is 4 and below

Regarding recommended media, if you live in the US, you can find media in BestBuy:
MCC003, brand: Verbatim 8x DVD+R
MCC004, Verbatim 16x DVD+R
YUDEN000T02, Fujifilm/TDK/Sony 8x DVD+R (must be Made in Japan)
TYG02, Fujifilm 8x DVD-R made in Japan
MAXELL002, Maxell 8x DVD+R
MXL RG03, Maxell 8x DVD-R

Good luck.

I would have to strongly disagree with your statement, that a Data Verification is not an accurate measurement of errors; if the Data Verification fails, it doesn’t matter how few PIE/PIF errors you get in a Q-Scan - the disc is DEFINITELY a coaster!

A Q-Scan will provide additional information about the burn, but it will take an hour to do both a Sum8 and a Sum1 scan of a full disc on a Plextor drive, so I would not suggest that you do that for every disc!

I was actually suggesting to do the Sum8 and Sum1 test for the disk diplomat696 currently owns. We don’t know what kind of media he owns yet.

I don’t suggest to scan every disks, in fact in real word I never scan my burns since I burn only on recommended media and I know for sure that the burns are fine.

In practice, if you want you can scan one disk from a spindle just to make sure, if you find the burn is fine, then you can burn them each time without worry. Oh btw, to save time I scan with lower accuracy just to see if the graphs are within limits. 15 minutes for both Sum8 and Sum1.