PX712A Problem

I have received PX-712A DVD writter and after installing it, not all the features (varirec, securec, gigarec…) are available through Plextools Pro
I also have PX4012A and the varirec option is available on this drive.
Also tried and updated to 1.02

Did you insert a CD-R in the Drive? With DVD+/-R it wont appear. :slight_smile:

Is the drive recognized correctly as PX-712A? VariRec, b.t.w. does work for DVD media.

Peiler, since your motherboard uses the nVidia nForce2 chipset, you should try uninstalling the nVidia IDE drivers, if they are installed, and going back to standard IDE drivers included with Microsoft OS. nVidia IDE drivers are known to cause a variety of problems. Also, update to the latest PlexTools version 2.14 if you haven’t done so. If processor overclocking is in effect, disable it to see if it makes any difference.