PX712A error concealment - Plextools v EAC

I recently ripped a brand new audio CD on my PX712A (f/w V1.07). The CD had CU errors on it, and the resulting WAV file had audible “ticks”. To cut a long story short, in the end I got a tick-free rip by switching audio error detection off in Plextools (V2.20). In hindsight I can see how this makes sense: presumably the drive has a good error concealment algorithm, but if the ripping software asks to be told about errors, then the error concealment needs to be switched off.

But here’s the issue: I could find absolutely no setting in EAC that achieved a good rip. Secure mode with any variety of sub-options, synchronised/fast mode, burst mode: they all yielded WAV files with those audible ticks. It seems as if the drive only switches on its error concealment in response to some special instruction from Plextools - an instruction unknown to EAC, it would appear.

I’m not really bothered by this, as I use Plextools for ripping as a matter of course. But I’d be interested if anyone actually knows what’s going on and can explain.

I had never problems with CDs with CU-Errors (eg copy protected CDs), as my burnes (Plex Premium and 712) interpolate the errors (audio error detection is always ON)

Seems your experience is different to mine, then. Just to summarise:

  1. This CD with CU errors was not a “copy protected” one - it was a standard redbook CD with a manufacturing fault.
  2. Ripping it with Plextools and audio error detection ON, there were errors which were NOT interpolated - the output WAV file had audible ticks.
  3. Ripping with EAC, using any mode - secure (C2 on & off); burst; fast - also resulted in ticks in the WAV file.
  4. Only after switching audio error detection OFF in Plextools did I get a tick-free rip, which suggests to me that this is the only circumstance under which the PX712A’s interpolation is switched on.

As I said earlier, I’m just interested if anyone can explain exactly what’s going on here.

Just my two cents: What error correction did you have enabled in PlexTools? I am using the “recover least bit” option.

I don’t appear to have that option (I’m running Plextools v2.20). The option I have selected is “Recover the best bytes (least errors) per sector”. Retries is set to 10 (any more seems pointless and just takes longer), and Allow Speed Down is switched on.

Mind you, the good rip I got (with audio error detection switched off) went through at high speed. I get the impression that none of these options are relevant when error detection is switched off, but concealment through interpolation (a la audio CD player) is used instead.

I use always:
Report Errors only - no recovery action.

As I understand, this means, the burner interpolates, if it findes uncorrectable errors, but it does not try to re-read (re-read can cause errors as well, thus I always avoid re-reading).
With this option, I never had clicks etc, no matter if copyprotected errors or other reading errors (scratched CDs) occur (I normally get only error reports with some copy protected CDs). The error must not be so large, that the burner loses the path.
I use the plextor 712 and the plextor premium-1.