PX708A won't burn CD's at max speed anymore

All of a sudden my Plextor won’t burn at 40X on CD’s. It will start the burn and ramp up to about 30-34X and then at around 75-80% burn complete it drops off to 16X and finishes!!! Burn is successful, but I used to burn all the way to 40X for the duration of the burn!!! What have I got a faulty drive now or is this a fixable thing? I can burn DVD’s (DVD+RW at 4X) which is maximum speed but CD’s backtrack. I’ve tried 3 different media and 2 different burning programs and the results are pretty close to the same. Anybody seen this anomaly before? I used Nero CD/DVD Speed to test it and it shows 40X as the speed but it won’t burn media at the full max for duration!!!

Have you changed any IDE cable’s?

Nope haven’t touched the cables lately, I just wonder if Nero and XP SP2 have a conflict. I’ve read that the atapi.sys driver in XP SP2 is buggy and that could cause some trouble on the IDE controller situation! I checked and you can replace the SP2 file with an earlier version, they recommend one from SP1a or from MS Article:812415. Maybe the controller driver is glitched!

If the speed is suddenly decreased then it could simply be PoweRec kicking in. PoweRec is a disc quality function that checks the write quality during the burn. When it ‘thinks’ that errors are increasing it will lower the write speed. PoweRec is not perfect though. Sometimes it’s too sensetive and sometimes it’s too optimistic. But, there is an easy way to test if PoweRec is causing the speed drop. If you have installed PlexTools then you can disable PoweRec and then do a test burn with Nero CD-DVD Speed or PlexTools itself. If you want to burn with another application and with PoweRec disabled, PlexTools has to be running in the background.

Damn you’re GOOD!!! I had completely forgotten about the PoweRec setting in Nero and when I disabled it BANG 40X CD’s again. Sometimes you just need to have somebody jostle the brain bucket for you to see the simple stuff and not the high tech crap alll the time!!! Apparently the PoweRec setting being enabled in Nero must carry over to all recording of CD’s 'cause I used another burning program to corroborate my findings and I thought I had a problem. Once disabled in Nero it was disabled in the other program also.

If you have access to PTP and a Premium/712/716, check the quality of the disc before and after PR. If no different, leave it disabled. You may find that your media quality has tanked and PR is doing you a favor. Given quality or speed, I’ll take quality.

I understand what you’re saying, to be perfectly honest with you I’ve never used used PoweRec before ever! I don’t know how it became enabled now unless upgrading to Nero v6.6.0.8a turned it on for Plextor drives by default. It must be a “Modal” type command, it stays on until something turns it off or disables it. I learned something new today though and I see where it would come in handy for some real intricate burning project. But just day to day data burning I don’t see the need for it myself, not for me personally. I’ve got 300+ CD’s burned and I’ve yet to have a problem until I got pissed off by this slowdown I thought I was having. Thought my drive was taking a dump!!! Thanks for the info one and all!!!

Are you sure? PoweRec is always enabled by default and you can only disable it with software like Nero or PlexTools (and upon exiting these programs, PoweRec will be re-enabled again).

Once PoweRec is turned off in Nero it stays off (unlike Plextools). Upgrading Nero almost certainly turned it back on (to installation default). My opinion is Plextools’ way is better because, as seen above, you can forget about it.

I never have had the drive revert to recording 40X CD-R’s at 16X which is what happened with PoweRec enabled by Nero. I can only assume that it has never been enabled before. I have a PlexWriter 12/10/32, and a PlexWriter 24/10/40A and like I’ve said they have never recorded at less than the maximum for the cd-r’s I’ve used!!! And my DVD’s in the PX708A have always burned at max also.

the_Wop, PowerRec is a default function enabled on all Plextor drives; it’s always on since the first day you bought it. Nero does not ‘enable’ PowerRec since it’s on by default. Nero does not ‘turn it off’ unless you choose to.

Why don’t you try different media and see if you get the same results instead of blaming it all on your drive?

Remember one thing: Computer problems are never unilateral and if PowerRec keeps slowing your burn speed to lower speeds then you must be using some very cheap media with your drive.

I’ve used the same media’s for several years now, and had no slowdowns 'til now. This was even before I used Nero, in fact I used NTI and RecordNow! before this. I have over 300 CD’s on the one media brand alone and at least 100 of the second. I even used Alcohol 120% and CloneCD, never a slowdown ever!!! I do not believe the PoweRec feature was functional or if it was I cannot explain why turning it off with Nero returned me to max burning speeds.