PX708A & non-stop reading

I have PX708A which is master on the secondary IDE channel.
fw 1.07
(I don’t know how it was before I flashed the drive.)

When I have a media in the drive ( CD or DVD), the green led
is continuously on even if there are no programms running that uses
the drive. Is this normal?
Isn’t the drive supposed to stop reading after a little while?

My other drive which is a slave on the same channel (Sony CRX230E)
stops reading if there are no programms using the drive.

Thanx for your earliest attention

To the best of my knowledge, a steady green light on the 708A is just an indication that there is a disc in the drive. When actually reading or writing the disc, the light will change to yellow.

I see…I should have checked the user’s manual before
jumping to conclusions.

The thing that confused me is as follows:

When I insert a DVD-ROM in to drive, the spindown time reverts back to
infinite (shown by Plextools v2.14 in the driver settign menu) each time.

Thanx for the reply

This is normal behavior for your drive, nothing to worry about. A green light will always be on when a disc is inside the drive.