Px708a fails data verify


i’ve been using my px708a for about 2 months now (my second unit, the first was rma’d), up until today it was burning dvd-r perfectly, now i have 4 coasters, nero (V5.5.10.45) says the disk has burned correctly and tries to verify the data, that when the problems start, the verify always fails with a dvd read error.
After the dvd contents cannot be read, windows shows the directory structure but you cant copy the files.
Yet if i try a dvd+rw it works just fine. I can’t beleive that the dvd-r are faulty, i’m halfway through a stack of 25 and now have 4 failures.
Can anybody shed some light on this, or it a case of rma request?
I’ve tried rebooting, checking the dma settings, defrag the drive etc but to no avail.
This is the second time the px708a has failed, in the 3 months i’ve had it and it’s p*****g me off frankly as this drive wa snot the cheapest around.
my system is athlon XP2500, asus A7V8X, win xp pro, nero

Can any one help
rob carter

Try using IMG TOOL BURN to burn dvds.
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I am starting to have the same problems as you…THis happend once before and I RMAd the drive so I’m getting pretty ticked since this is my second drive. Keep me posted on your solution and I will do the same.

good luck

What make r the DVD-R’s??? probably different than your DVD+RW most of the problems are related to media & not the drive, but if you had another brand of burner the media may or may not work & UNFORTUNATELY, the quality of media is not always the best even from the same spool, it doesn’t pay to buy cheap media, I bought 5 - 5 pack boxes of FujiFilm - & + media & of yet not made a single coaster, But I also ALWAYS do a test burn on +RW’s before I do a + or -, cuz I can’t aford any coasters, I live in Canada & most DVD blanks cost a little over $2.50 each. Perhaps you have a software problem as well, I did have a problem with a burn a few weeks ago, to fix the problem a did a msconfig to shit down other prgs down & I also had a speck of dirt on one of the discs & then all burned ok.

Yea tried differnet media, then i did the plextor self test which failed!, so rma requested, and it’s winging it’s way to Belgium right now.
I must confess my faith in plextor has been damaged by this episode, previously I used plextor and their drives were the best on the market they seem to have lost it a bit when it comes to the PX708A
i 'll see if the replacement is any better.
btw the disks that failed were princo, and unusually when the disk was burned the recording surface appeared to have stripes on it in concentric rings, this didn’t occur on any disks which burned and verified sucessfully

rob carter

Princo is truly the worst media you can buy to be honest. You never know what the quality will be but most of the times it’s net very good (to say the least). So I would think your problem is related to the media but since your drive failed its self test I guess the drive was faulty. I’m personally still using a PX-708A TLA #0000 (first revision) and it’s still working great.