PX201040A Mode Changing :(

For some unknown reason since i have had this drive it will not stay on UDMA 2 mode. It keeps changing back to PIO mode. This is my setup…

Asus A7V-e
2 x 256MB CAS 2 SDRAM (Crucial)
20 Quantum HDD 7200 RPM (Primary Channel, Master)
30 Quantum HDD 7200 RPM (Primary Channel, Slave)
PW241040A (Secondary Channel, Master)
Toshiba 1302 DVD(Secondary Channel, Slave)
GeForce 256 DDR
Adaptec 2904 SCSI adapter
Plex 8x20 SCSI CDR
Plex 40x SCSI Drive
100mbit NIC

UDMA is enabled in bios. UDMA cable is being used. UDMA is enabled in win2k. The tosh always gets UDMA mode, but the plex does not. :frowning:

In addition to the writer playing about, the toshiba has slowed down enormously when reading error, like 1 every second, even when set to 0 retries in software. Have tried various versions of clonecd and the same result. I never had this problem b4 the new plex was installed…

Any ideas