PX-W5224TA-BPS at newegg

Is this the same drive as the Plextor Premium that is said to be the best, or is this a stripped down version that does not work as well?

I want a good cd/rw for my system, and did not want to spend a fortune. This seems like a good comprimise.

Please advise on the drawbacks of this particular drive or if it is a ‘full fledged’ plextor?

No that’s not the Premium drive! It’s the Plextor PX-W5224TA, meaning a lower Re-Write speed and no support for the special technologies like Q-Check, SecuRec, GigaRec, etc. It also has a smaller buffer of only 2MB while the Premium has 8MB.

Ok - I dont need rewrite speed.

My main question is will this low cost burner be able to copy most disks around now and be reliable and long lasting?

I don’t need GigaRec. I’m not sure what SecuRec or Q-Check is.

Are there any reviews on this particular drive or any users out there that can give me the low down. I don’t want to spend 40 something on this if I should’ve got something else. . .

Thanks for your time. .

SecureRec allows yuo to password protect a disk you make and Q Check is a utility for checking the quality of the disks you have burned which gives you valuble info on what brand of disk your writer burns best.

the W5224TA is an excellent drive I considered getting it when I decided I wanted to purchase a top quality 52X Cd RW drive that would still be working several years from now. but I decided to get the plexWriter premium and I have been very pleased with it.

I can’t really comment on this drive as I’ve never used it. But, the Premium is one great drive and when you read the comments on this drive in our forum then you’ll find that almost everyone agrees on that. Maybe you can check out the search results for “5224” for some more feedback on the Plextor PX-W5224TA.