PX-W4824TA Buffer State under Nero

I noticed with Nero a sudden shutdown of burner’s buffer cache to 7 % before the end of the burn process then buffer is back to 98 %. Did someone noticed that strange fact to ?

Thanx in advance


One time incident or happens every time? Could simply be a buffer underrun because your system was doing something else (48X burning drains a buffer really fast when your comp is doing another task in the background).


Actually it seems to be related with Nero. Only this software displays a sudden shutdown with burner’s cache when the speed is changing suddenly (Powerrec I guess).

No Problem with cache when using softwares like Clonecd or Alcohol that’s why I’m trying to find if it’s normal or not, I bough my burner yesterday =)

I’ll get certified 48x media like verbatim and make some CD to test it.

Tx for help


Hmm now that you mention it, yesterday I had the same thing with my Plextor PX-W4012TA drive I believe (not 100% sure since I didn’t notice it at first). When the drive was switching to 40X it took some time before the burning process was continued again, resulting in a burn process of about 10 seconds longer than normal (that’s how I noticed it). Didn’t gave it much thought until you mentioned it just now. Perhaps the new Nero Burning Rom update has something to do with it (although Ahead reports that it’s only needed for Win 95/98/ME). Which Nero version are you using?, I’ll patch it just know