PX-W4824TA and SafeDisc 2 problems



Trying to backup Sims Unleashed which is SafeDisc 2.8

Firmware 1.04
I know this drive is a 1 sheep burner and understand what that means.

Unlike other PX-W4824 users, I am unable to make a working copy.
I’ve read and searched this forum looking for answers.
As well as the forums at http://clone.cd/phpBB/

I’ve tried Clone CD 4202 with Ignore and Amplify Weak Sectors.
I’ve tried Alcohol 120 (build 518) (SD 2 profile - Bypass EFF on and off)
I’ve tried BlindWrite (last build of 4.5.2) (Enhance Weak Sectors on and off)

If I use Clone CD and do Emulate Weak Sectors, then Hide CDR media, the copy will play in the burner ONLY.
(not the solution I’m looking for)

I have tried the following burn speeds with the 3 software packages listed above:

2X (CDR)
4X (CDR and CDRW)
8X (CDR)
10X (CDR and CDRW)
16X (CDR)

Is it the firmware? Should I back down to an older firmware like 1.01?

I have read other users of this drive were able to make backups.

Even users with an older Plextors can make a 1:1 working copy of Unleashed and even Superstar (SD2.9).

Look for the posts by XXX-Gr and Parker:

I’ve driven myself crazy trying to figure out why this drive won’t make a working copy.

Please help.

I’m not a n00b and I’m thinking I need to break down and buy a new ‘2 sheep’ CD burner. (but I don’t want to)


Hi FrostyTech,

Have you tried reading copying SIMS UNLEASHED, MOHAA, GTA III & other recent safedisc 2 protected games?


Thanks G@M3FR3AK.
Yeah, I had seen that thread and read it in the past.

Strange thing is, this drive will make a working backup of GTA3, but not Unleashed. Or wait a minute… Maybe the working backup I made was with my OLD PX-4/2/20 SCSI drive with firmware 1.01 + CloneCD 4202 + AWS. (I’ll verify tonight which drive can make the 1:1 working backup of GTA3)

I’d have to double check, but I thought GTA3s SD2 is newer than Unleashed…


No GTA3 has SD 2.51.021 while Sims Unleashed has the more difficult SD 2.80.010. I can easily copy GTA3 with my Plextor PX-W4824A and CloneCD’s AWS (without AWS the back-up will work in the Plextor only).


That’s why my GTA3 backup works.
I can’t believe I overlooked that.
Don’t know why I thought GTA3 had the same SD2 revision.

Thanks…makes sense now.

Plus, now that the PX-Premium (f/w 1.03) + BlindWrite drive can backup SecureRom 4.8, I’ve thought about getting the Premium so I can backup Vice City, Unleashed, and SuperStar.

(Sims stuff is for my wife, not me. She’s notorious for leaving things laying around just waiting for the dog to chew it up)


Originally posted by FrostyTech
(Sims stuff is for my wife, not me. She’s notorious for leaving things laying around just waiting for the dog to chew it up)
LOL :bigsmile: