PX-W4824A SpeedRead function?

My speedread function works only when i use plextool, not when i press the eject button , the indecator lamp flashes tre times but it wont read at 48x, only40 :frowning:
Any suggestion??
Im looking for Firmware Version:1.00
if somebody have it ,or know where pleas post a link or mail it to

Firmware Version:1.01

You sure? Make sure the disc you are using can be read at 48X, so for instance don’t use an audio or CD-RW disc. Data can be read at 48X with SpeedRead. This is how you should enable SpeedRead for your drive manually (just to make sure you did it correctly):

-Open the drive tray and make sure the drive is empty.
-Close the tray again.
-Press and hold the eject button for a few seconds and wait till the LED flashes four or five times, then let go of the eject button.
-The tray opens, insert the disc and close the tray.
-SpeedRead is enabled.

Did you do it this way? Please note that when you open the tray again, SpeedRead will be disabled again. When you cut the drive’s power it will also be disabled again. Does it work?

Yes i think im doing it right,i press the eject button 3-5 sec and the indecator lamp flashes tre times, then i load a backup of WinXP (mode-1)and press the eject button, but Neroinfo tool only shows 40x

Use CD Speed to show the currect read speed, InfoTool may not report accurately.

Correct. I have never been able to let Nero IntoTool detect 48X. I use Nero CD Speed to test the real speed. You can just do a Transfer Rate Test and see if the drive will pass 40X:

Note that 48X speed will be reached at the 80-minute mark and not sooner. So you need a full 700MB disc to reach it.

Nero InfoTool can detect the 48X read. Just requires a little playing 'round with it a PlexTools and f/w v1.01