PX-W4824A mobo photo request

I’m very close to finish of the review, and I’d like to compare PX48 with new Premium, unfortunatelly I have no 48x drive now, so I can do only a Premium mobo photos. May I ask sbdy 4 help?
1600x1200 or higher might be good.

The photos you’re asking for should be the least of your concerns me thinks. How are you going to write a comparison of the two drives with tested write/read times etc if you dont have the 48x Plexie in the first place?

Hopefully GF will post some pics for you.

PX-W4824A was reviewed 1-11-2002, I had no oportunity to make some photos than, because of lack of time. This time - users ask me to put public both mobo photos, and I do not have x48 on stock :frowning:

I have a 48x drive but no digital camera unfortunately. That has always been a problem for me since I can’t include any images of the drive itself and its package in any of my reviews. Perhaps it’s time I bought one… or better yet reviewed one (and hopefully get to keep it)…


But seriously, I can’t help you out SoBal, sorry.

Theres a really good pic on plextor.be!


Thanks HUBinB but think that SoBal wants a picture of the inside of the drive (its guts!).