PX-W4824A copies SD 2.6

PX-W4824A firm 1.03 SafeDisk 2.6 and Alcohol results.

I backed-up Grand Prix 4 (SafeDisc v2.6) and tested the
back-up in a PIONEER DR-A14S CD-ROM.
I used the Alcohol 120% 1.3.5 build 1125 trial version
with the default Safedisk2 settings (Bypass EFM Error checked).

Pioneer DR-A14S CD-ROM : back-up worked!
Plextor PX-W4824A : back-up worked! (with Hide CDR on)

The Plextor PX-W4824A drive can create a PERFECT
back-up of SD2.6 with Bypass EFM Errors checked.

In that very moment when you check “bypass EFM errors”, “amplify weak sectors”, or whatever it is called in any other software, the backup is not perfect

The test is only passed if a Toshiba DVD-ROM plays the backup.

In my opinion the backup is “real perfect” if it work
in any CD/DVD drive without hide CDR
and not only in a Toshiba DVD-ROM.

Talking general the backup is perfect if
work for most of the people with some tricks.

Greetings from Grete and thanks
for your support.


Thanks for the info but it’s pretty common knowledge I think. The Plextor writers can back-up SafeDisc 2.51+ without any problems when you use an option like bypass EFM or amplify weak sectors. The back-ups are perfect since they work from all drives, even from a Toshiba drive. I’ve tested this in my reviews a long time ago :wink: