PX-W4012TA New Firmware V1.03 Results

Hi all , the news about the latest firmware V1.03 is a fact …
I had just update my drive with it , but i have not run any tests yet .

Post your test results or opinions in this thread ,so to keep all the info in one place . :wink:


Here is my first tests …

PS: Please ignore the eject- time timing ,as at that time the front door had touch my leg ,and there was some further delay .

The function of quality recording of the plex 40x can now be disabled at Nero; in the cd-recorders selector
May be the AWS is better with fw 1.03 than with fw 1.02

Yes i had notice the PowerRec field too .
The point is do we have to turn it off , and when ?

:confused: well before i updated to version 1.03 , i had discs that would write up to 32 speed , but now after updating the very same discs will not write above 20 speed … nightmare … the only thing i’ve found so far is the higher the fireware number , the slower the writer writes… :confused:

So with PoweRec disabled I can record at TRUE 40x?

Originally posted by olyboy
Yes i had notice the PowerRec field too .
The point is do we have to turn it off , and when ?

PowerRec is there to actually “define” the quality of the used media (according to Plextor that is) and set the writing speed to the corresponding levels, so that you finally get an errorless copy.

Setting this off will probably enable you to write at higher speeds with media that you eitherwise couldnt but in the risk of getting errors on the produced copy.

I guess what one should do is just run a few tests before turning it off. Just go out and buy cheap media, turn PoweRec off and write at max speed. Then use NCDS to check for possible errors.

So with PoweRec off, we are not limited to a MAX of 24x on the IDE version of the PX4012A drive?

I think that if you write a cd with simple files; you can write at 40 x with Powerec off; but if you write in raw mode you will be still limited at 24x.
To recording audio may be too

Dear friends , as you can see in the picture below ,in Plextools and specially in the AudioCD-maker the latest firmware looks to take away the 24X limitation in the audio burning , yes the 24X was the max speed of the media ,as it was one 24X Creation CD,type UG-80 min .
I need another one test ,to see if the media speed is the real limitation , so now i have to burn one with 40X limit … :smiley:

Bump ,i am confused …
I tried to burn the same audio files from my first test , that was 16 mp3 files , the plextor software actually it does uncompress them first ,and it does create one image ,and it burns from it .

I had burn one CD Taiyo Yuden ,from the ones that had come with the burner , the burner burn again at 24X ,but funny enough it reported that this media has 24X limit , and this info is false, as i have burn data at 40x with them , at list with the preview firmware .

Ok in the Plextools media info there is still the message that this burner support 16-24X for CD-DA ,but i was hoping that some how the new firmware will by-pass ,this simple note in the Plextools software .

By the way , the total progress time lasted 1 minute less than before , i do not know if i can call this as improvement …

Here is the description of what the new firmware does , the info is one translation from the Japanese web site …
At list is less generic than the English sites .

From PX-W4012TA/TU ver1.02 modification point of ver1.03

  1. It adds the below-mentioned media to the recommendation media Mitsubishi CD-R SR74KC, SR80K CD-RW SW74 EU
  2. When with the CD player of the Windows2000, immediately after the digital playback time ejecting from the player, the ejection button of drive is pushed, hang up correction of the trouble which is times when it does
  3. Correction of the trouble which is times when it remains with extensively after the comparing the after the light/write as pause state

Here are my results:

-Plextor PX-W4012TA drive
-Firmware 1.03
-40X certified Maxell media

Although Nero says 40X the disc was recorder at 24X. Write time 3m:56s. PoweRec enabled. Now with PoweRec disabled:

PoweRec disabled clears the 24X limitation for audio recording in my case. Write time 3m:24s (=32X). Let’s check DAO-RAW writing. PoweRec disabled via the PlexTools software:

40X writing in DAO-RAW mode is now also possible :smiley:

It seems though that the 24x limitation while writing audio remains still

I recorded some audio after disabling PowerRec and the drive still couldn;t overcome the “24x barrier”


The PowerRec option doesn’t seem to reamin disabled after you exit Plextools. Will try to burn some audio with PlexTools and PowerRec disabled and check again

I was able to write audio @ 40x with PowerRec disabled using PlexTools:

Its kind of a bummer though that you can only use PlexTools to do it :frowning:

Hemispasm my Nero screenshot proves otherwise :confused: I disabled PoweRec in Nero itself and that worked for me.

As i mentioned already, it was my mistake, i disabled PoweRec from PlexTools and used at the same time Nero to burn audio, which didn’t work of course. :o
When i disabled it from Nero it worked just fine.

Its just one of those days, my head just aint working after all these tests with NCDS and EAC i run all day with the Mitsumi :bigsmile:

Ok lets start over again , just for once more …

The setting of PowerRec off , allows the burner to burn at 40X audio .
And also the trick works in both Nero and Plextor tools .

Right !!! :bigsmile:

Ok , now comes the second question ,is the audio CD readable ?

I burned 2 audio CDs one with PlexTools (Diafana Krina - greek band) and one with Nero (James - Laid) @ 40x.
Both were MP3 files encoded @ 192kbs and got burned with no clicks/jitter. Used the P4012A and SKC 40x certified media for burning.

Ok then , i will use one very American expression to express my happiness …

Party is on Dudes !! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Finaly the black sheep of the latest Plextor burners , become white . ( W4012TA VS W4012TU )