PX-W2410TA for audio ripping?




I need a drive for ripping my whole collection of original audio CDs to an audiophile HTPC. :slight_smile:

Since I learned that the LiteOn iHAS624 does not read copy protected audio CDs I’m looking for another drive to do this job the best way.

I own an ancient (2001) Plextor PX-W2410TA IDE-drive; my question is: Should I use this one or rather buy a new SATA-drive (e. g. LG GH24LS70)?



Just try it. If I remember correctly, then - sometimes with support of certain software - Plextor CD drives were legends.



Thanks again! :slight_smile:


I’m fairly certain that drive reads C2 error flags so you’ll be fine with the right software. I’d suggest either Plextools or EAC.