PX-W2410A / Upgrade prob with 1.04!

I have a PX-W2410A Firmware 1.01 under XP running.
After upgrade to firmware 1.04 (or 1.02 and 1.03 !!) XP starts normally and after a while (short time after login screen) my machine reboots! :frowning:
Don´t have a chance to do anything.

I have IMAPI-service disabled, set to PIO, but no chance!

Drive is master on prim. IDE, slave is a philips DVD+RW. Till now no probs with this machine and this config.

any ideas???

Attach the drive was single device as MASTER on the SECONDARY IDE channel and flash it. If Windows XP still reboots after flashing report back. Also, if your drive is master on the primary IDE channel, where are your hard disks located?