PX-W2410A anyone?



Ok plextor releases a new drive, the PX-W2410A
has anyone have more info ?

On CloneCD hompage I see it supports BURN proof AND correct EFM Encoding.

The “best” combo is (was?) a Toshiba DVD for reading subchannel and an ACER for writing SD2, . . .

but is the PX-W2410A a good alternative ?


It looks that way… Elby had a test model and it states that this drive can read the full SubChannel (both audio and data) and write it too. Besides that SafeDisc 2 is no problem and the drive (of course) supports BurnProof… I think it’ll be a great drive :slight_smile:


i would hold on for later posts when it is actually released old chap!


take a look on the plextor site there is a lot of info there